Crazy Kennar Net Worth

Crazy Kennar Net Worth

Crazy Kennar Net Worth

In this article, we shall dive into Crazy Kennar Net Worth, one of the most talented Kenyan comedians who has made a significant impact through his online presence. Let’s explore his biography, education, career, business ventures, and his Net Worth.

Crazy Kennar biography

 Crazy Kennar was born on December 23, 1998. He is a Kenyan citizen and a member of the Luo ethnic group. His real name is Kennedy Odhiambo.

Kennar was raised in Nairobi, Kenya, where he was born. With two older and one younger siblings, he is the third child. One of his older brothers works as a doctor, and the other supports him in his business. However, their younger sibling is still enrolled in high school.

Kennar is yet to disclose more about his parents. Kennar made headlines in 2021 after he and his siblings were spotted treating their father at a popular restaurant in Kenya during Father’s Day.

Name: Crazy Kennar

Real name: Kennedy Odhiambo

Gender: Male

Date of birth: December 23, 1998

Age: 26 (as of 2024)

Place of birth: Nairobi, Kenya

University: JKUAT University

Profession: Comedian, entrepreneur

Net worth: Approx. $200,000 to $300,000

Nationality: Kenyan

Ethnicity: Luo

Crazy Kennar education and career

Crazy Kenar schooled at Sacred Heart Primary School before joining Ringa Boys’ High School in Homa Bay.

After his high school education, he pursued Actuarial Science at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. Comedy and performance have been his passions since when he was in school.

Crazy Kenar participated in music and drama festivals. In high school, Kennar realized another talent that would end up being his full-time job.

He realized he was good in comedy and this he utilized in high school. When he joined the university, comedy became his full-time hustle.

During his college life, he started creating videos and posting them online, establishing the brand “Crazy Kennar.”

He later formed “The Crazy Kennar Company” with fellow university students including:

  • Omondi Stanley
  • Khisa Yvonne
  • Wanjiru Cynthia
  • Sakshi Bushes
  • Moser Stephen

The company produces skits and content for its YouTube channel, Tales of the Crazy Kennar, which has garnered over 624k subscribers.

Their content focuses on Kenyan schools, politicians, music, homes, and clubs. As time passed by, the videos started attracting viewers as the comedian and his friends became increasingly popular.

Kennar has expanded his reach beyond social media, venturing into other lucrative industries such as podcasting, public speaking engagements, and even acting.

By diversifying his portfolio and exploring new opportunities, Kennar has solidified his status as not just an internet sensation, but a bona fide entrepreneur.

Crazy Kennar Awards

Crazy Kennar has received several awards and recognition for his work as a comedian. The awards and recognition include:

  • Kenya’s comedian of the year for 2021
  •  Facebook Influencer in 2021
  •  Instagram influencers in 2021
  •  The best milestone for Kennar was in November 2022 when he was invited to London’s Meta Creator Week, where he represented Kenya.

Crazy Kennar Net Worth

Crazy Kennar the Kenyan content creator has risen to the top of the nation’s comedians. Kennar has a significant internet fan base, particularly on YouTube, where his videos attract many millions of monthly views.

His net worth is approximately above Kes 50 million. He makes money from brand sponsorship arrangements as well as views on YouTube advertisements.

Kennar also collaborates with other comedians and has worked with Bridget Bema’s brother and YY. Beyond financial gains, Crazy Kennar and his team use their platform to raise awareness about mental health issues, including depression among young people.

Crazy Kennar sources of income

Kennar has built a successful career through his comedic talent and online presence by boosting his financial growth. The following are some of the sources of his income:

1.YouTube Channel

Crazy Kennar has a popular YouTube channel called Tales of the Crazy Kennar. Established three years ago, this channel has garnered over 624k subscribers.

Kennar and his team create skits and humorous videos that resonate with their audience. His YouTube channel earns him more than KES. 80,000 per month.

2.Brand Partnerships

The Crazy Kennar Company, founded by Kennar, collaborates with brands for endorsements and partnerships. These brand deals contribute significantly to his income since they pay for every endorsement that they make.

3.Event Appearances

Crazy Kennar also earns from event appearances. His popularity allows him to participate in various events, where he entertains audiences and earns additional income boosting his net worth. For his appearance in an interview, he charges Kes 300,000.

Crazy Kennar Mariage

Crazy Kennar is said to be in a long-term relationship with Natalie Asewe.

Crazy Kennar Age

Crazy Kennar was born on 23rd December 1998, and he will be turning 24 on December 2024.

Crazy Kennar’s social media handles

  • Tik Tok: @crazy_kennar
  • YouTube: @Tales of the crazy Kennar
  • Facebook: @Tales of the Crazy Kennar
  • Instagram: @crazy_kennar
  • Twitter: @crazy_kennar


1.What is Crazy Kennar’s real name?

Crazy Kennar’s real name is Kennedy Odhiambo. However, he adopted Crazy Kennar as his stage name when he started creating and posting videos on YouTube.

2.How does Crazy Kennar earn his income?

Crazy Kennar generates income through a variety of channels, including sponsored content and brand partnerships, merchandise sales, podcasting, public speaking engagements, and acting opportunities.

His ability to monetize his large online following and engage with his audience has allowed him to build a lucrative career as both an influencer and entrepreneur.

3.What is the value of Crazy Kennar’s car?

Crazz Kennar has a Toyota Prado TX. The value of Crazy Kennar’s car is between Kes 7 to 7.5 million in the Kenyan market.

4. What does Crazy Kennar do for a living?

Crazy Kennar is a comedian who has made a name for himself by sharing comedy skits on YouTube, TikTok, and other social media platforms. He is also an entrepreneur.

5.How does crazy Kennar make his money?

Kennar makes money through his business enterprises and event engagements in addition to his YouTube profits. He stated in an interview that he might make up to Ksh 300,000 (about $2,500) per day. He has kept his wealth a secret from the general public.

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