Hospitals in Kitengela

Hospitals in Kitengela

10 Best Hospitals in Kitengela

Over the years, Hospitals in Kitengela have since increased at a higher rate. This is due to the rapid growth of the town and the increase in population.

Numerous prominent hospitals and healthcare clinics have established branches in Kitengela, making it one of the most well-equipped towns in the Nairobi metropolitan area regarding healthcare services and patient safety.

There are 41 hospitals, 4 of which are government-owned, with a further 16 hospitals owned by NGOs, 10 private and 1 FBO hospital.

In this comprehensive guide, we embark on a journey through the healthcare landscape of Kitengela, exploring the various hospitals that play a pivotal role in safeguarding the health and vitality of its residents.

Below is a list of the 10 Best Hospitals in Kitengela:

Mount Olive Sinai Hospital

Mount Olive Sinai Hospital is a private hospital founded in 1998 by Dr Moses Kioria and Mrs Susan Wanderi.

It has a bed capacity is 32.

The hospital provides most of the health services one can expect, such as outpatient, inpatient, maternity, laboratory, dental, physiotherapy, theatre, pharmacy, paediatrics, ultra-sound and X-ray services.

Mount Olive Sinai Hospital Location

Njambi Road, Kitengela

Mount Olive Sinai Hospital Contacts

+(254) 701908595

The Kitengela Gertrude Children’s Hospital and Clinic

With a solid reputation, it is recognized as one of the leading hospitals in the country, proficient in effectively addressing complex medical conditions in children.

Gertrude Children’s Hospital provides various medical services to cater to diverse needs. These include consultation, laboratory testing, nutritional support, well-baby clinics, and specialized clinics. The hospital houses a well-equipped pharmacy, ensuring patients receive comprehensive treatment.

One of the critical benefits of selecting Gertrude Children’s Hospital is its acceptance of medical insurance coverage in Kenya.

Gertrude Children’s Hospital Location

3rd Floor, Kitengela Mall, Kitengela, Nairobi – Namanga, Athi River.

Gertrude Children’s Hospital Location

+(254) 730645008

Nairobi Women’s Hospital Kitengela

The Nairobi Women’s Hospital is a 654-bed modern hospital serving over 300,000 outpatients and 120,000 inpatient customers annually.

With one of its branches in Kitengela, it offers services like Maternal and Child Health Services, Reproductive Health Services, and Specialized Medical Services among others.

For more than 22 years, the hospital has grown to be a leader in health care in Kitengela providing comprehensive, high-quality, affordable and accessible care to customers of all genders and ages.

Nairobi Women’s Hospital Location

Kitengela Namanga Rd MK Arcade, Kitengela

Nairobi Women’s Hospital contacts

+(254)7 09 667 000

Equity Afia Kitengela

The hospital was set up to offer general doctors’ consultations, dental and optical check-ups, health education on lifestyle diseases, nutritional consultation, BMI check and body composition analysis, as well as blood pressure, pulse rate, and oxygen level check-ups.

It is an NHIF-accredited facility and also accepts private health insurance plans.

Equity Afia Kitengela Location

Kitengela Namanga Road, Nairobi

Equity Afia Kitengela Contacts

+(254)765 000041

Kitengela Sub County Hospital

The Kitengela sub-county hospital is a government health facility that offers general medical care and 24-hour emergency medical care services.

Like other public facilities in Kenya, the Kitengela sub-county hospital provides quick intake for critically ill or accident patients who need urgent treatment.

In addition, the hospital has a 24-hour operational theatre and a dedicated medical team that ensures patients receive quality medical attention.

Kitengela sub-county hospital Location

Saitoti Road Oloosirkon

Kitengela sub-county hospital Contacts

+(254) 7 11 441 409

 LeMaiyan Hospital Kitengela Town

LeMaiyan Hospital is a fully established medical centre that provides all medical services, either inpatient or outpatient. This hospital offers broad categories of healthcare services such as maternity, caesarianmental wellness, laboratory tests and paediatrics.

The LeMaiyan Hospital also accepts most medical insurance covers, including the NHIF. It also offers unmatched customer services and personalized medical attention to clients without discrimination.

LeMaiyan hospital Location

GX84+VXC, Athi River

LeMaiyan hospital Contacts

+(254) 715675361

 Kitengela West Hospital

The Kitengela West Hospital is an advanced medical facility providing the Kitengela residents with affordable and optimal medical services. It is among the leading hospitals in Kitengela that have adopted modern technology in the laboratory and dental unit.

Additionally, Kitengela West Hospital has a strong multidisciplinary team that ensures all employees perform their work effectively and professionally regardless of their position.

Kitengela West hospital location

Kitengela, Kajiado East,

Kitengela West hospital contacts

+(254) 722891232

 Sucos Hospital

When it comes to private hospitals in Kitengela, Sucos Hospital cannot miss the list. It is 12km from Kitengela town and was founded in 2006 when it was a small dispensary.

Sucos has 6 departments with a bed capacity of 30 and a medical team of 23 individuals. It is among the top private hospitals in Kajiado County.

The hospital has a theatre that is well-equipped to handle minor and major operations.

Services offered include: Antenatal clinics and child welfare/wellness clinics, Vaccinations, Male circumcision, Maternity services, Laboratory services and Pharmacy 

Sucos Hospital location

Along Nairobi-Namanga Road in Keekonyokie Kajiado West

Sucos Hospital Contacts

+(254) 726901720, +(254) 739579637

Kitengela Medical Services

The K.M.S is a private hospital consortium that delivers healthcare services in Kitengela and various areas of Kajiado. The primary hospital in Kitengela aims to provide the local community with timely, effective, and affordable healthcare services of the utmost professionalism.

The facility offers various services, including home-based care, HIV care, inpatient and outpatient care available 24 hours a day, antenatal care, and family planning.

The NHIF accredits it and also accepts private insurance plans and also has electronic health records to make it easier for the patients using the insurance covers.

Kitengela medical Services

LocationOff Viwanda Road, directly opposite the Export Processing Zone in

Kajiado East.Kitengela Medical Services Contacts

+(254) 727151821

 The Aga Khan University Hospital

The Aga Khan University Hospital is a popular healthcare facility that provides world-class healthcare. It also offers various healthcare services at its outpatient, inpatient, and emergency units.

The benefit of choosing the Aga Khan University Hospital is that it has a qualified medical team that ensures patients receive top-notch medical attention.

In addition to providing medical services to the patients, the Aga Khan University Hospital also serves as a training centre for doctors, nurses, and midwives.

It is highly recognized for producing quality doctors and offering telehealth and telemedicine in Kenya and beyond.

Aga Khan University Hospital Location

Old Namanga Road, Athi River, Kitengela capital Centre

Aga Khan University Hospital Contacts

+(254) 456622189


In conclusion, the hospitals in Kitengela stand as pillars of health and well-being, offering a diverse range of services to meet the community’s medical needs.

From maternity care to specialized treatments, these institutions contribute significantly to the overall health and vitality of Kitengela, ensuring a thriving. Feel free to reach out to the hospitals through their contact numbers and the locations.


1. Private hospitals in Kitengela?

  • Aga Khan hospital
  • Sucos
  • Lemaiyan hospital
  • Mount olive Sinai hospitals

2. Hospitals that offer maternal care in Kitengela?

  • Aga Khan Hospital
  • K.M.S Hospital
  • Kitengela west Hospital
  • Nairobi Women’s Hospital

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