Two Kenya Defence Forces soldiers arrested

Two Kenya Defence Forces soldier were on Saturday arrested and four flash grenades recovered after a dramatic confrontation in a bar in Sotik, Bomet County.

They were found with four sound grenades, police aware of the incident said. Locals had complained there were loud bangs at Chebole trading center.

The locals said the suspects were seen heading towards a bar in the area amid tension.

Police rushed to the scene where the two soldiers who are said to have been off-duty were arrested.

A search conducted in the bar recovered two grenade pins suspected to be from the grenades that caused the explosion in the November 10 incident.

“A further search was conducted on their bags and the four sound grenades were recovered amongst other personal effects,” police said.

The two were detained at the local Mutarakwa police station and officials from the military police alerted to pick them up for action.

Military personnel cases are at times handled by the military police. It also depends on the nature of the case.

For the case of handling the explosives, police said they will jointly handle the matter with the military personnel.

Officials said they want to understand why the personnel decided to travel to their rural homes with the explosives.


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