Ambassador John Nyakeru summoned with immediate effect

Ambassador John Nyakeru Kalunga  has been summoned with i mediate effect to the office of foreign affairs at Kinshasa Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). This has led to the postponement of a presser that was supposed to happen on Monday 18th.

The move comes ahead of the DRC national elections set for December 20.

Notably, the sudden move came a day after the Congolese opposition figure Corneille Nangaa, who had been living in exile announced the creation of a political-military alliance.

Nangaa who was speaking in Nairobi announced the political-military alliance while calling on the M23 rebels and other armed groups to join the alliance.

“The Congo River alliance. Our call is specifically aimed at the following groups, political parties, civil society organizations and platforms,

“Resistance force and community self-defense forces, armed forces of the democratic republic of Congo, community and diaspora leaders,” he announced.

In the video posted on social media, Nangaa openly allied himself with several rebel movements, including the M23, which took up arms against the government in November 2021.

Additionally, he noted that his platform comprised of 17 political parties, two political groupings and several armed groups, calling on other armed groups to join his movement.

Also, the Congolese opposition figure stated that the alliance would save the DRC which has experienced political instability for years.

The opposition leader challenged President Felix Tshisekedi’s leadership noting that they would oppose him in the coming polls.

Additionally, Kinshasa reacted to the presser that was held in Nairobi by recalling its envoy in Kenya.

On the other hand, Kenyan Government spokesperson who was scheduled to give a detailed presser about the move on Sunday, December 17, cancelled the presser last minute.

At the same time, Bintou Keita, head of the United Nations peacekeeping mission in Congo, said in a post on X that she was “extremely concerned by the creation of a new political-military platform”.

Notably, Nyakeru Kalunga was appointed by Félix Antone Tshisekedi Tshilombo, President of the Democratic Republic of Congo as Ambassador of the DRC to Kenya in May 2022.

Additional report by Kenya Times


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