TSC: Striking teachers to be fired before being cornered

Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has promised to Fire any teacher who plans to strike come next year.

The Commission’s strategy involved terminating the contracts of striking intern teachers and subsequently re-advertising their vacancies, aiming to replace them with unemployed graduate teachers.

As of now, TSC employs a total of 46,000 teachers on internship terms, spanning primary, secondary, and junior secondary school levels.

TSC has called on all intern teachers to renew their contracts for another year before being considered for conversion to permanent terms.

However, the Commission cites financial constraints as the reason it cannot immediately absorb intern teachers on permanent and pensionable terms.

TSC’s proposal suggests a two-year internship contract before potential conversion to permanent and pensionable terms in 2025.

While some intern teachers have agreed to and complied with contract renewal, a faction of junior secondary intern teachers has adamantly refused.

They are demanding immediate employment on permanent and pensionable terms, as previously agreed upon, posing a potential crisis for the schools where they are posted.

President William Ruto had assured junior secondary school (JSS) interns of employment after completing two years of service, but some interns find this arrangement uncomfortable.

They argue that, being qualified and registered with TSC, they should not be treated as if still in college training, receiving stipends instead of salaries.

Backed by a court order from Justice Byram Ongaya preventing TSC from terminating their contracts, the interns have declared their intention not to resume duty when schools reopen.

The court directive explicitly prohibits TSC and the Ministry of Education from altering the terms of internship contracts until the legal proceedings are concluded.

The intern teachers, represented by JSS National Interim Leadership, warned that their failure to report to schools in January could lead to an educational crisis.

They insist on adherence to the initial agreement of a one-year non-renewable internship contract before permanent job offers, expressing dissatisfaction with attempts to extend the internships to two years.

The teachers accuse the government of coercing them into consenting to new contracts contrary to the original agreement.

TSC Planned to Fire Striking Teachers before Being Cornered.


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