Romantic Places In Kisumu

Romantic places in Kisumu

Romantic Places In Kisumu

In this article, we shall explore the best Romantic places in Kisumu that have cozy corners to enjoy with your significant other. It will mention the Top getaways in Kisumu on a budget you can escape to when in need of finding romance away from home.

10 Romantic getaways in Kisumu

Below is a list of Romantic places in Kisumu where you can take your significant other.

Kisumu Impala sanctuary

It is located within the Kisumu Central Business District (CBD).

The sanctuary which sits on a 38-acre piece of land, boasts of lions, leopards, hyenas and jackals.

It can be a good romantic place as you enjoy the view of the wildlife and the scenic environment.

Kisumu Impala Sanctuary Location

Shauri Moyo Primary School, Harambee Rd, Kisumu

Kisumu Impala Sanctuary contacts

+(254) 203 530 417

Kiboko (Hippo) Resort Kisumu

This famous idyllic spot is a good place to view the sun as it sinks under the Lake Victoria.

It is frequented by tourists who take photos of the sun as it goes down on the shores of the famous lake.

At night, hippos leave the water and graze on the nearby grass creating scenic views, and a cool place for romantic dates and visits.

Kiboko resort Kisumu location

Lake Victoria, adjacent to Dunga Fishing Village

Kiboko resort Kisumu contacts

+(254) 711 905 540

Dunga hill camp Kisumu

It is located on the shores of Lake Victoria. It is a good place for romantic picnics, camping and leisure.

The camp can also be a good place for sporting activities.

While on the romantic picnic, you can carry your pack of fruits to enjoy or order the already cooked food that is served with love.

Dunga Hill Camp Kisumu location

the shores of Lake Victoria

Dunga hill camp Kisumu contacts

+(254) 700 252 252

Kit Mikayi Kisumu

It is located along the Kisumu-Kakamega highway. It is a larger rock with three other rocks on top.

Kit Mikayi, also reffered to as weeping rock poses like a woman with a load on the back. this makes it more interesting and fun to watch. You can take a picture while holding each other while the rock is behind.

Kit Mikayi offers good picnic sites and camping for romantic activities diversely, try it out!

Kit Mikayi Kisumu location

East Seme ward, Kisumu County

Kit Mikayi Kisumu contacts

+(254) 723 285 435

 Ndere Island Kisumu

It is a vibrant and lively destination, with plenty of activities to keep you busy.

Take a boat ride on the lake to go fishing, or try your hand at kayaking or windsurfing.

You can also take a tour of the local fishing villages and learn about the traditional fishing methods used by the local communities.

Ndere Island address

on Lake Victoria

Ndere Island contacts

 +(254) 774 747 946.

Rusinga island Kisumu

Rusinga Island is a serene and peaceful paradise, with breathtaking views of the lake and lush greenery.

Here, you can take a nature walk through the forest or go birdwatching to spot some of the over 300 species of birds that call the island home.

You can also visit the Rusinga Island Museum, which showcases the rich history and culture of the Suba people, who are the original inhabitants of the island.

Rusinga Island address

North East of Lake Victoria

Rusinga Island Contacts

+(254) 706 612 070

Le Savannah Country Lodge Kisumu

Le Savannah Country Lodge is designed for international business and leisure tourists to stay and experience Kisumu’s numerous diverse attractions.

There is satellite TV in all the rooms and other facilities include laundry and dry cleaning services, 24-hour security, telephone, and The Henrietta Place Restaurant offering an a la carte menu.

You can enjoy the exquisite meal with the love of your life as you continue to create memories together.

Le Savannah Country lodge Kisumu address

Nyerere Road, Kisumu

Le Savannah Country lodge Kisumu contacts

+(254) 714 995 510

 Kisumu Museum

There are three prominent sections at Kisumu Museum that the two of you can enjoy. The three sections display linguistic western groups, traditional Luo homestead and the story of Onyango and in the last section, there is the aquatic life that displays the different types of fish.

This is a guaranteed fun-filled destination you can visit while on a budget.

Kisumu Museum address

VQQ6+X6W, Railways, Kisumu

Kisumu museum Contacts

+(254) 711 938 090 +(254) 733 922 692

Art Market Kisumu

They say that love is strengthened by memories. At Art Market Kisumu, memories will be made. You get to watch the creative pieces made out of love by the cultural weavers.

Art pieces, baskets, Ankara clothes, and traditional art too are made at these art markets.

The art markets are distributed variously in the biggest markets in Kisumu hence a variety to choose from.

You can get a souvenir for your significant person to leave a mark of love. If you cannot term it as among the most Romantic getaways in kisumu, no other word would explain that.

 Sovereign Hotel Kisumu

Beautiful architecture, a spacious setup and lush gardens create a beautiful and peaceful environment for business and leisure travellers alike is what Sovereign hotel in kisumu. It is also among the Romantic getaways in kisumu that you can try.

By providing great service, serving exciting culinary delights and offering wellness and fitness choices, it’s a sure bet that lovers will enjoy this place!

It is the best place hotel you can visit on a budget and still enjoy yourself.

Sovereign Hotel address

Sovereign Hotel Lolwe Drive, Off Aput Road. Kisumu

Sovereign Hotel Contacts

+(254) 723 973 888


If you are looking for fun activities or rather Romantic places in Kisumu on a Budget while you are with your significant other, the above list should satisfy that.

The above sample represents a long list of romantic getaways in Kiusumu, places you can choose to visit and leave an indelible mark never to be forgotten by the love of your life.

You can book your trip to this traditional city via Zunguka Africa Safaris for the best experience at an affordable price.


1. How does the time of year affect date ideas in Kisumu, Kenya?

Kisumu has a tropical climate, so the weather is warm year-round. However, it’s important to keep in mind rainy seasons when planning outdoor activities. You can also take advantage of seasonal events such as the Kisumu Music Festival in December.

2. Romantic getaways in Kisumu?

  • Dunga beach Kisumu
  • Kiboko resort Kisumu
  • Sovereign Hotel Kisumu
  • Art market Kisumu
  • Ndere Island Kisumu
  • Kit Mikayi Kisumu

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