Churchill show comedians

Churchill show comedians.

Churchill show comedians.

In this blog, we shall explore the Churchill show comedians.
Churchill Show is a Kenyan Comedy formally known as Churchill Live. It was hosted by Daniel Churchill and premiered in 2007 on the network NTV.
Churchill’s show comedy brings comedians with unique styles to the stage who leave the audience in stitches.
Here are 10 famous comedians in the household of Churchill show.


Churchill is one of the Churchill show comedians who is behind the success of the comedy. His real name is Daniel Wambua Ndambuki. He was born on 30th October 1977.

Churchill show comedians
Daniel Wambua Ndambuki.

He is regarded as the father of the comedy industry in Kenya since he sets the stage on fire with his observational humor. His jokes often revolve around everyday life experiences from traffic jams to family dynamics making him relatable to audiences of all ages.

He has nurtured Kenya’s greatest names such as Chemutai, MC Jessy, MCA Tricky, Professor Hamo, and Eric Omondi.
Besides being a producer on Churchill’s show he co-presented the morning show at Classic 105 with Maina Kageni. He also has other businesses and companies that he owns which include:

  • He is the chairman of Laugh Industry Ltd
  • He owns Pavilion XV Club situated in Kitengela
  • Church talent company
  • Maina and Kagenis properties

MC Jessy

MC Jessy is one of the Churchill show comedians whose real name is Jessy Jasper Muthomi.
He was born on 5th January 1985 in Tigania Meru county. His infectious energy specializes in storytelling and comedy.

Churchill show comedians.
Mc Jessy ©(Source)

His jokes are often anecdotes from his life with exaggerated characters and hilarious twists that keep the audience engaged till the end. He is a comedian on the Churchill show and the host of Churchill Raw both of which appear on NTV on Sunday and Thursday.

He is also an MC in many events such as corporate events, parties, weddings, and many more locations.

Professor Hamo

Professor Hamo is one of the Churchill show comedians who’s said to be very notorious. His real name is Herman Gakobo Kago he was born on 5th July 1980 in Lanet, Nakuru county.

Churchill show comedians.
Professor Hamo ©(Source)

He is characterized by his sharp political satire that provokes both laughter and reflection.
Besides being a comedian, he is a trusted co-presenter on Hot 96 alongside Jeff Koinange. Professor Hamo owns a Flashy Range Rover.

MCA Tricky

Tricky is one of the Churchill show comedians who is a Master of physical comedy incorporating humor and exaggerated gestures into his performance.

His real name is Francis Munyao he was born in the year 1993 in Makueni.

Churchill show comedians.
MCA Tricky ©(Source)

In each of his performances, he never fails leaving the audience roaring with laughter.
Despite being a comedian at Churchill show he has worked for Radio Maisha for nearly two years where he left the radio station to join Milele FM where he is working with Alex Mwakideu.

Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi (Source)

Eric Omondi is one of Churchill’s show comedians who can mimic mannerisms that one normalizes to use. His real name is Eric Omondi he was born on 9th March 1983 in Kisumu.

He is a Kenyan comedian and also an actor. Eric Omondi left the Churchill show to host his show called Hawayuni at KTN. He has won 3 African Entertainment Awards USA for Best Comedian in 2018,2019 and 2020.

In 2021 Eric Omondi was awarded the media personality of the year, best African comedian of the year, and also social media influencer of the year.
In 2023 and 2024 Eric Omondi managed to be at the forefront of helping the needy and those who are discriminated against in society.

Zainabu Zeddy

Zainabu Zeddy is one of the Churchill show comedians who brings out a refreshing perspective to the male-dominated comedy scenes with her humor centered around gender roles and societal expectations. She was born in Majengo, Nairobi then later moved to Olkalau before her family moved back to the city in Majengo.

Churchill show comedians.
Zainabu Zeddy ©(Source)

Before joining the Churchill show Zainabu worked for EPZ for five years. Her honesty makes her stand out challenging stereotypes.


Churchill show comedians.
Karis ©(Source)

Karis’s real name is Eric Kariuki who was born on 22 August 1989. He is an alumnus of Kenyatta University where he studied Economics and statistics.

Before he joined the Churchill show comedy he was an actor with a traveling theater group.

He is known for his clever wordplay and pun-filled jokes that make him a favorite among audiences who appreciate clever humor.


Mamitto’s comedy is marked by her infectious laughter and sharp tongue.
Her real name is Eunice Wanjiru Njoki she was born in Nairobi 18th September 1993.

Churchill show comedians.
Mamitto Photo: ©(Source)

Despite her being a Kenyan stand-up comedy, she is also a writer, actress, and MC. She fearlessly tackles different topics that help her earn her loyal audience who appreciate her unapologetic approach to comedy.
Beyond hosting a comedy show at Churchill she is also a YouTube content creator where she occasionally collaborates with Awinja.

Eddie Butita

Churchill show comedians.
Eddie Butita Photo: © (IG @eddie)

Eddie Butita is one of the best Churchill show comedians. He was born on 16th November 1992 in Kariobangi.
Despite him being a comedian, he is an actor, scriptwriter, theater director, theater producer, emcee, and also a businessman. His comedy style is parodying the ghetto life of Africa. He has performed Kenya’s most popular shows such as:

  • Laugh festival
  • Churchill show
  • Churchill raw
  • Nights of thousands of laughs
  • The hot seat
  • Kenya Kona comedy
  • Crazy Monday comedy
  • Kids festival
  • 3D comedy
  • Sensation party
  • Nurse Toto

Eddie Butita often incorporates costumes to enhance the comedic experience. He is the CEO of his company Stage Presence Media.

Teacher Wanjiku

Teacher Wanjiku’s real name is Carolyne Wanjiku Tharau who was born on 1st January 1981.
She is a Kenyan comedian, producer, and actress.
The highlight of her career was when the president called her to perform at the Kenya ’50th Ceremony’.

Churchill show comedians.
Teacher Wanjiku Photo: ©(Source)

Her career started in a heartful play called 43rd Kenyan tribe in 2007. After the positive feedback from the audience, she joined plays like set book plays until when her biggest comedic break by joining the Churchill show comedy.

Her act attracted Kenyan viewers and after a short period, her video had acquired over 200k views.
She is the founder and CEO of Mwalimu Production a content-creating company.


The Churchill Show comedians each bring their unique brand of humor to the stage. Observational comedy, political satire, physical humor, and clever wordplay provoke the audience.


1. Who are some popular comedians from the Churchill Show?

Some of the popular comedians from Churchill Show include Eric Omondi, MC Jessy, Teacher Wanjiku, Churchill himself (Daniel Ndambuki), Eddie Butita and Mamitto

2. What makes Churchill Show comedians stand out?

Churchill Show comedians are known for their unique blend of humor, relatable content, and ability to address social issues with a comedic style. They often use satire and observational comedy to entertain audiences while also shedding light on important societal issues.

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