Clubs In Nakuru

Clubs in Nakuru

Clubs In Nakuru

Clubs In Nakuru play a pivotal role in the lives of the residents and visitors who visit that place. With Nakuru being the heart of  after dark allure its a moment that many find therapeutic hence a a good memory ought to be created.

Not only does Nakuru offer explicit panoramic city views at night, the nocturnal life lays a ground for symphony of music, laughter and unforgettable moments.

From well stocked counter, awesome dancefloor fused with energy, warm atmosphere and cool music is what Nakuru’s night life scene gets to cater for.

This article will explore the Best Clubs in Nakuru that decorate the night life:

1. Platinum 7D club

This is one of the most popular clubs in Nakuru town. People from all walks flock this place mostly on weekends to come and witness the happy hour that tis club gets to offer each.

With a google rating of 3.7 after more than‎ 700 google reviews, its arguable ranked as the most preferred club. This is evident in the lively crowd that gets to the place for explicit alcoholic drinks, fun and laughter.

It has sufficient parking that accommodates many vehicles and cool atmosphere that leaves the attendees in reminisce of the place.

Platinum 7D location

along the Oginga Odinga Avenue

Platinum 7D contacts

+(254) 700 01 00 00

2. 8Teen lounge

Located on the boundaries of Lanet in Nakuru, 8Teen lounge is regarded as best hangout club in Nakuru.

It hosts a variety of DJs and celebrities that capture the flocking of a big audience hence drawing a google rating of 4.3 stars after more than 150 reviews.

The special event parties that 8Teen lounge hosts like the Karaoke, Mugithi Nights and reggae nights are what makes the grill the hottest in Nakuru

8Teen Lounge location

Lanet, Dundori Nakuru

8Teen Lounge contacts

+(254) 795 03 03 35

3. Groundless Lounge

If you are looking for the cheapest places with exquisite drinks and music that heals the soul, then groundless lounge packs all these for you.

The well mannered and professional bartenders have earned the lounge the privilege to a google rating of  3.5‎ after more than  200 Google Reviews.

It offers the best lounge experience since it hosts local musicians who connect with the locals that visit the place to get the packaged fun.

Groundless lounge location

MKU Annex, Oginga Odinga Ave, Nakuru

Groundless lounge contacts

+(254) 704 22 96 93

4. Gigi Rooftop Club

As the saying goes, “Its always best at the top”, Gigi Rooftop is the clearest definition of the statement.

Located at  Golden Life Mall Nakuru at the sixth floor, Gigi offers a panoramic state cool view.

This is evidently revealed by the alluring beauty unveiled at this roof top club. It has a google rating 4.2 stars after a review of more than a hundred plus.

Those privileged to visit the place testify of the special cocktails served at at Gigi while enjoying the fresh air from the top.

One special thing about the place is that you have to book the place before you visit the place. This is a rule applied at Gigi rooftop in order to control the crowd.

Gigi Rooftop Club location

Nakuru-Eldoret Highway, at the rooftop of Golden Life Mall

Gigi Rooftop Club Contact

+(254) 114 803995

5. Club Dimples

With the ability to accommodate people of all ages and walks, Club dimples is loved for its ambience and the well stocked counter that flows with alcoholic drinks of different flavours.

Its a romantic Club in Nakuru with the best services hence garnering google rating of Rating: 3.1 after over ‎140 reviews.

In addtion to that, Club Dimples has accommodation that guarantees professionalism hence after partying, worries of being back at home early are rubbed off.

Club Dimples location

Kenyatta Ave, Nakuru

Club Dimples contacts

+254 722 332888

6. Chili’s club

With a google rating of 4.30 stars after over 300 reviews, the central based club is appraised for the most mature club in Nakuru.

This is seen with the way the stuff are organised and cater for the differet customers maturely. From frequent DJs and musician allover the weekdays to the weekend, exclusive VIP areas and the lively crowd, Chilis is the best place to enjoy night life.

Club Chili’s location

Oginga Odinga Road, oppossite Naivas supermarket

Club Chili’s contact

+(254) 796 17 14 05

7. XCape Grill and Lounge

Just as the name suggests, this club and grill is one of the best places to escape at after a hustle and tussle day.

Located on the outskirts of Nakuru around Naka estate, XCape is known for its space for dancing hence friends with good camaraderie should visit the place more offtenly.

XCape Grill and lounge location

Naka area right next to Oginga Oginga avenue

XCape Grill and lounge contact

+(254) 1908 237776

8. Culture Mambo Lounge

Culture Mambo Lounge is well known for its interior decor that drags the attention of a well energetic crowd.

It has a unique high ceiling that is decorated with lights hence making it beautiful and satisfying to watch. It bring the feeling of romance hence a good place for romantic people to visit.

Having gathered a google rating of  4.2 after 1,200 google reviews, this shows that the place is highly rated.

Its stylish look and frequent hype masters make the place even more energizing and worth visiting at any day of the week.

Culture Mambo Lounge location

Government Road Opposite Vicmark Trading Centre

Culture Mambo Lounge contacts

+(254) 793 74 80 12

9. San Chic club

If you are yearning to visit the most chilled place with a warm atmosphere, this should be among the list of the places.

The music at this club is moderate and well designed to fit the mood of the day.

Either you’ve visited the place with a friend or as a group then fun hours are guaranteed while San Chic club.

Its with no doubt that the club is the most modern place to check out for. This is argued with the fact that it has a google rating of 4.0 after more than 400 goole reviews.

San Chic club location

Kenyatta Avenue, Opposite Family bank

San Chic club contacts

+(254) 723 48 21 40

10. Space Next Door

This is the newest club in Nakuru town after it opened on 3rd February 2024. Having the legendary Kris Darling and DJ Joe Mfalme at the opening party at the decks showed that the place is prepared to be the best.

Space next door has shaken the city by setting a clear night scene with a promising scene of greatness and good time at night.

While at this place, drenching sweat that comes out of dancing is to be experienced largely since good music is served.

So far it has a 4.2 star google rating after more than 150 google reviews.

Space next door club location

Biashara Centre first floor room D16, Nakuru

Space next door club contacts

+(254) 711706125


From the rhythmic nights to the sound of laughter, its with no doubt that revelers who visit clubs in Nakuru experience the best therapy.

Each club offers a unique experience, uniting locals and visitors in a shared celebration of music, culture, and unforgettable nights in Nakuru’s energetic embrace.


1. Newest club in Nakuru

Space Next Door

2. Famous Clubs in Nakuru

Platinum 7D club

Gigi rooftop

8Teen lounge


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