IBury lounge

IBury lounge

iBury lounge

Nairobi known for its colorful night experiences, hosts gems to be treasured. Located on the outskirts of Nairobi city is iBury lounge. It has the best outdoor setting with an atmosphere and mood of respite.

At ibury, you get to Elevate your night out in Nairobi by visiting where its more than just a place to grab a bite.

This intimate destination presents a chill yet memorable atmosphere with great music, making it a favorite among visitors,

With a google ratings of 4.4 stars after a review of 1624 people it is evident enough that the iBury Lounge is the best place to be for the night life and also for the best memories ever.

It is surely a place for those seeking a more low-key but equally exciting experience, iBury Lounge is the place to be.

In this article we will explore the Nairobi’s gem and find out what it offers;

iBury lounge Location

It is located at Aurobindo avenue, Riverside Lavington, Nairobi city. It easier to travel to the place via the Nairobi route. For those using private vehicles, google maps will help to reach there.

For those using public transport, the nearest bus stop to Ibury lounge in Parklands/Westlands is St. Mary’s School. It’s a 7 min walk away.

Why  iBury Lounge is worth the Hype

1. Warm surrounding

From the lighting to the golden and black color palette that iBury lounge displays, it is clear that it seeks to bring out the mood of comfortability.

The furniture setting and the decor elements create a soothing environment anyone ever wishes for.

2. Hospitality

The level of hospitality at ibury lounge often sets it apart.

Attentive and friendly staff go the extra mile to make all guests feel valued, contributing to a positive and memorable experience that’s worthy of the hype.

The staff make sure that their services are efficient and timely and create a friendly atmosphere.

3. Culinary Excellence

This lounge offers a standout culinary experience hence generate considerable hype.

From the menu, exquisite drinks, and the unique culinary creations, the food and beverages served at ibury get to elevate the lounge to a top status.

4. VIP accommodation

VIP accommodation at a iBury lounge includes exclusive access, personalized service, reserved seating, and amenities tailored for a premium experience.

This ensures VIP folks feel valued and attended to with utmost priority.

5.Community Connection

In as much as people find the place secretive and serene, if you are a patron looking for a place to connect with other people, this is the place to be at.

If you are coming with friends, colleague or you are seeking a moment of solitude, be sure that you will meet new and friendly community here.

6. Delightful menu

Its menu is served with delight. They have partnered with uber Eats to deliver food and drinks anywhere. This ensures that experience at iBury is extended to the comfort of patrons homes.

The menu consists Snacks, Beef Sausage, Vegetable Spring Rolls,  Ibury Spicy Chicken Wings, BBQ Meatballs, Beef Samosa, Chicken Drumsticks among many.

All these can be ordered while at the premises or while at home.

7. Event and live entertainments

iBury Lounge becomes a lively hub, hosting captivating events and live entertainment. With acoustic melodies and themed parties, it ensures a dynamic atmosphere, creating unforgettable and engaging experiences for anyone who visits the place.

The live events are decorated by artists and DJs well known to the people hence connecting a local and international connection of all time.

8. Crafted cocktails and drinks

In need to quench a long time thirst? iBury Lounge offers the best cocktails for you.

iBury Lounge offers the best cocktails that refresh the senses, fresh ingredients, and expertly mixed and garnished, each concoction is a sensory delight that create liquid masterpieces elevating the drinking experience to a new level.

This lounge ensures that people of all caliber in terms of drinking are catered for. For the alcoholics who prefer cocktails, wines, shots like the toquilla shots, and beer, there is a drink and flavor for them.

9. Exclusivity in recreational activities

Ibury lounge thrives on exclusivity, creating an ambience that attracts attention. Whether it’s a members-only policy, limited-time events, or unique offerings, the exclusivity factor adds a touch uniqueness that fuels the hype.

Theres a pool table at iBury Lounge that adds a dynamic recreational dimension. Visitors can enjoy friendly games, fostering a relaxed and social atmosphere amidst the cozy surroundings.

Whether engaging in a casual match with friends or enjoying a solo game, the pool table at ibury Lounge complements its welcoming ambiance, providing an additional layer of entertainment.

10. Themed nights

From Afrobeat Fridays to Sundays mingle, these events celebrate local music, traditions, and cuisine, creating an immersive atmosphere that enhances the overall entertainment and cultural appeal of the lounge.

The nights are hosted by live DJs like DJ Shinski, DJ Otis, DJ MGM, Will the DJ among others who obligate themselves to providing live mixes of all the time. The nights are dubbed as follows;

Monday: CEO soul night

Tuesday: Ladies night

Wednesday: Reggae Wednesday

Thursday: Throw back edition

Friday: Afrobeat Fridays

Saturday: Turn up Saturdays

Sunday: Sunday Mingle


In conclusion, ibury Lounge is like a cozy hug in the city. With comfortable seats, yummy treats, and friendly faces, it’s a special place where you can relax and feel at home while away from home.

The cool vibes, diverse menu, and warm staff make every visit a delightful escape. Whether alone or with friends, Ibury Lounge is the perfect spot to unwind, sip your favorite drink, and soak in the goodness of simple pleasures.

It’s not just a lounge; it’s a little home where you can take a break from the busy world and enjoy the warmth that makes it truly worth the hype.

So next time you need a break, step into Ibury Lounge and experience the magic for yourself. You’ll leave with a smile, a full stomach, and memories to cherish.


1. Where isiBury lounge?

It is located at: Aurobindo avenue, Riverside-lavington, Nairobi, Kenya.

2. What type of food and drinks does iBury Lounge offer?

iBury Lounge offers a diverse menu that includes freshly brewed coffee, aromatic teas, mouth-watering pastries, light bites, and a selection of signature cocktails, beer and mocktails.

3. Are there any themed nights or events at Ibury Lounge?

iBury Lounge often hosts themed nights and events, celebrating local culture, music, and traditions. These special occasions add an extra layer of entertainment and cultural immersion to the lounge experience.

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