Quiver Lounge

Quiver lounge

Quiver lounge

Nestled in the heart of Nairobi, Quiver lounge  has been the talk of town for long and one of the most popular entertainment joints in Nairobi.

While people love the atmosphere of night life being breathtaking, its of no doubt that Quiver lounge will deliver that.

The lounges all feature spacious, modern design and offer a high-end party experience. Besides leisure seekers in search of a good time, Quiver lounges are also popular with celebrities and other prominent figures.

Among celebrities who have been spotted at Quiver lounges are American rapper Fabolous, who stopped by the Kilimani branch during a visit to Kenya in 2023.

With its first location on Thika Road, was extremely well-liked by partygoers in the Nairobi metropolitan area, and this helped to open other locations for the business.

In this article we will explore the Quiver lounge and unveil the luxurious oasis that redefines leisure and elegance at its best;

Who owns Quiver Lounge and Grill?

One multi millionaire Peter Mbugua, who despite all his wealth maintains a low public profile, is the brain behind Quiver Lounge.

In November of the year 2022, shortly after the grand opening of the Kenol branch, that was the first ever time the public got to see and listen to him.

This happened when it went viral that the priest was blessing the “club” something that seemed opposite to the Christian religion.

In a statement to the media, he said, “We always ask God to protect us from hazards and we also channel a lot of our profits to the Church. I don’t see any controversy in asking men of God to bless a new nightclub.”

Quiver lounge branches and location

  1. Quiver HQ- Thika Road
  2. Quiver Kilimani- Along Ngong Road
  3. Quiver Kenol- Kimorori, Muran’ga highway
  4. Quiver Kitengela- Nairobi – Namanga Rd
  5. Quiver Eastlands- Umoja Three area along Kangudo Road

Quiver Lounge HQs directions

It is located at Thika Road, near  Garden City Mall and the movie theater Century Cinemax. If you are travelling by bus from Nairobi CBD, you board matatus that head to Kasarani or Githurai.

For those using private transport, the distance is 17 minutes only. You can use google maps for the directions.

Why Quiver Lounge is worth Visiting

1. Welcoming Atmosphere

As you step into Quiver Lounge, you get to feel the ambience of tranquility and serenity. The atmosphere  gives the mood of relaxation and a promising happy hour moment.

2. Crafted Cocktails and shots

For cocktail and tot lovers, Quiver sets the best to enjoy with friends or when solo. The lounge boasts an extensive menu of beer, whiskey and cocktails.

Below is a list of Cocktails menu offered;

  • Daiquiri
  • Mojito
  • Margarita
  • Whiskey Sour
  • Aperol Spritz
  • Bloody Mary.

3. Personalized Service

At Quiver Lounge, hospitality is not just a profession; it’s a passion. The dedicated good bar tenders go above and beyond to ensure that every guest’s needs are met.

With professionalism and friendliness being their priorities, the bar tenders give the best exceeding what you would ask for.

4. Exquisite VIP Experience

While at Quiver lounge, you get to experience the life of a VIP without having to pay more.  The seating areas, personalized bottle service, and dedicated VIP hosts ensure that those seeking an extra touch of luxury find their needs met with utmost care and attention.

5. Culinary Excellence

The menu at Quiver Lounge is a gastronomic journey, featuring a diverse selection of dishes crafted with precision and flair.

Whether you’re indulging in small bites or savoring a hearty meal, the culinary offerings at Quiver are designed to satisfy even the most discerning palate.

From the exquisite Nyama Choma, Quiver boasts a wholesome of a food menu and mixology expertise that leaves the customers craving for more.

6. Good surrounding music

Quiver boasts a whole some playlist that is dubbed as good surround system music. It revolves around different genres and styles.

From old school RNB to the now Drill music, Historical songs like the rhumba, Local genre, and all genres of music, Quiver serves it all in a full package.

7. Live Performances and DJs

To elevate the entertainment quotient, Quiver Lounge frequently hosts live music performances. They host solo artists both local and international, bands like the Maima band, famous DJs like Dj Lisney, DJ Joe mfalme, DJ Shinski, Moh spice, DJ Andie, DJ Daq child, DJ Tophaz just to mention but a few.

Quiver lounge hosts Live performances that add a unique, human touch experience, creating a connection between the artists and the audience.

Local artistes that made it at Quiver include, Prince Indah (Janabi), Odongo Swagg, Vijana Barubaru, Emma Jalamo among many.

8. Vibrant Crowd

For those seeking to meet a positive community with uplifting energy conjoined by fun, Quiver lounge is the place to be at. This people are brought together by the themed events, drawing in crowds with specific interests.

These events add an extra layer of excitement, bringing together individuals who share a common passion and appreciation for a particular theme.

The crowd at Quiver is one that encourages socializing and connecting with each other to create memorable moments.

9. Thematic Events and Special Nights

Quiver often hosts themed events, and the music is is symbolically chosen with a purpose. The theme nights at Quiver lounge are the Aluta Sundays, Karaoke Wednesdays, Throwback Thursdays, Monday Blues.

Each night at Quiver Lounge is a special one.

10. Consistent Commitment to Excellence

Perhaps the most compelling reason why Quiver Lounge is worth the hype is its utmost commitment to excellence.

Quiver works hard to maintain its reputation and stay at the top in its unending continuous innovation in design, thematic nights, or culinary and mixology. This trait has been raising the lounge’s bar every now and then making it the best lounge worth the hype.


In conclusion, Quiver is a testimony of elegance and indulgence. This has made it garner a google rating of 4.3 stars after a review by over 3,500 people.

The google rating clearly detects the fact that its the best place for a night life and memory making. From its breathtaking ambiance, cool music that goes with themes and the whole handful of experience says it all.

Whether you seeking relaxation or celebration, quiver should be your number one priority.

Quiver Lounge location

A2, along Thika Super Highway opp. Garden City, Nairobi

Quiver Lounge Contacts

+(254) 794759175


1. Who owns Quiver Lounge?

Peter Mbugua

2. How many branches does Quiver Lounge have?

5 branches- Thika road, Eastlands, Kilimani,Kenol, Kitengela

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