Nkasiri Adventure Park 

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Nkasiri Adventure Park

Located amidst the lush landscapes of Kajiado county, Nkasiri Adventure Park stands as a beacon for adrenaline enthusiasts with a heart and eye of nature.

This hidden gem offers an immersive experience, combining thrilling activities, breathtaking scenery, and a touch of tranquility as well as serenity.

Nkasiri is a maasai name that means “hidden place where men gather to eat meat.” This destination boasts a variety of outdoor activities that are a sure bet to attract nature enthusiasts.

With a google rating of 4.3 stars after over three hundred and ninety seven reviews, its clear that its a destination that those privileged to visit it have enjoyed it.

With activities like Cycling, zip lining, team building, outdoor sports, high ropes and obstacles among many, revelers will find it an interesting place to be at with families.

Nkasiri Adventure Park Location

For those who use private transport, you board a matatu (Rembo shuttle) to Ketengela for KES 50 to KES 150 depending on you travel time. The matatu will alight at Kitengela town.

You board a tuktuk fo KES 50 at Ola petrol station or take a bodaboda for KES 200 or 300 depending on the number of people that will board it.

For private transport, google maps will be of help.

The park is located in Kitengela off Nairobi Namanga highway along Acacia Feeder road.

Nkasiri Adventure Park Activities And Prices

Below are some of the fun activities that take place at the adventure park;

1. High ropes at Nkasiri Adventure Park.

Nkasiri adventure park boasts this activity that has six obstacles in total. It gets to exercise and test the adrenaline especially when in a competition.

you get to enjoy it whether with family, friends, colleagues or individual. You are able to face the Burma Loop, Horizontal Net, Burma Bridge, Swinging Bridge, Vertical Net Crossing, and Wooden Obstacles.

The costs include;

  • Level 1- KES 1500
  • Level 2-KES 2000
  • Level 3- KES 2500

The levels depend on the elevation. Level three is the highest elevation.

Nkasiri adventure park High ropes and obstacles

2. Zip Lining at 

There zip lines have a carrying capacity of 115 kilograms in total. While at the zip line, you get to experience a better aerial adventure and a shift of adrenaline for the people who are not phobic to heights.

There is no need to panic since before attending to the zip line, you get to be introduced to the European safety regulations. The park provides an individual with safety gears to help with comfrtability while at the zip line.

This adrenaline filled activity is recommended for adults who get charged a fee of KES 500.

zip lining at nkasiri adventure park

3. Cycling

While the activity is free of charge, there are about ten bicycles to choose from. Two of these are for children and are small.

Cyclers get to compete on the trails at this park that are safe and well managed.

cycling at nkasiri adventure park

4. Table Tennis

The table tennis table in the lounge area provides a perfect indoor game to play while you wait for your ordered meal or drink.  Once again there are no fees charged for this activity.

4. Pool table

This is an indoor game that you can play while watching a football game or sipping a drink. Its becomes better when playing with colleagues or family members where you set a target to meet and compete.

You might meet other visitors who want to play with you if you’re lucky.

Each game goes for KES 50 for one round. The good thing about pool table is that you can never be satisfied with one round.

pool table nkasiri adventure park

5. Swimming at Nkasiri Adventure Park.

Nkasiri adventure park has a perfect water spot for such like water activities that accommodates both the adults and children of all ages.

There are instructors to aid with the swimming in case you are not conversant with the activity.

0 – 3 years  FREE 
4 – 12 years   KES 500 
13 years and Above  KES 600
Monthly Memberships 
Kids  KES 2400
Adults  KES 3000
Training Packages 
10 Lesson Adults   KES 12,000
10 Lessons Kids  KES 10,000
3 months Life Saving and Certification  KES 50,000

Swimming at Nkasiri adventure park

6. Nkasiri adventure park camping

You can plan a get away or simpole staycation as a group of friends or as a couple and get to enjoy the different types of camping that Nkasiri Adventure Park provides three different types of camping.

There is the ready made camping pod which has extremely clean, have secure lockable doors, and include all bedding.

The second option is for the management to set up a camping tent for you.

For the seasoned campers, they are allowed to bring the tents and pitch them themselves One camping pod can accommodate and sleep four average-sized people.

The camping pods also come with basic needs like toiletries, towels, slippers and wooden dustbins.

camping at Nkasiri adventure park

Tents Charges
Own pitched camping tent Ksh 1,500
Nkasiri Adventure Park pitched a camping tent for Ksh 2,000

7. Kids’ Games at Nkasiri Adventure Park.

Kids are not forgotten when at Nkasiri adventure park.

Swinging, trampolines and bouncing castles are provided for to ensure that while adults are zip lining, children are also having fun at zero charges.

Kids gaming

8. Archery and darts at Nkasiri Adventure Park.

Unleash your inner archer and test your aim and precision in the dedicated archery and darts area of Nkasiri Adventure Park.

With expert guidance from instructors, you can develop your skills and compete against friends or family in friendly matches.

archery and darts at nkasiri adventure park

Take part in archery target shooting or showcase your dart-throwing prowess, as these activities provide a unique blend of focus, technique, and friendly competition.

9. Ball games

This destination offers complete space for several ball games, allowing visitors to engage in friendly matches and team activities that involve balls.

Whether it’s a game of soccer, basketball, volleyball, or cricket, you’ll find well-maintained courts and fields to suit your sporting desires.

ball games at nkasiri

10. Nkasiri Adventure Park Menu

While enjoying the rest of activities at Nkasiri adventure park, its advisable thet you order the food to be cooked.

While the place is located at Kajiado, its best to be aware that meat is of plenty.

If you need a whole goat or turkey, you will be able to select one before it is slaughtered and prepared for you.

Mbuzi Nyama Choma is also on the menu.

nkasiri park menu

In conclusion, while the entry and at Nkasiri adventure park is free, revelers can term it as the best place to visit. The charges for the activities are also fair enough for the

With the various eye catching and fun activities that accommodate both adults and kids, it is a destination to eye for anytime you need to travel with family or friends.

For companies who need team building activities, the above mentioned are a guarantee that that will be catered for at the end of the day.


1. What is the entry fee at Nkasiri Adventure park?

The entry fee is free of charge

2. Nkasiri adventure park location

Kitengela, Nairobi-Namanga highway, Kajiado county

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