Kenya’s sprinter Ferdinand Omanyala preparation for the upcoming Olympic games

Ferdinand Omanyala has intensified his preparations for Olympic Games season, whose calendar starts in February next year.
Omanyala says he cannot afford to rest during the December holidays, ahead of the busy season where events are lined up for him from February to September.

After a largely successful last season, Omanyala who changed his coach at the beginning of the current preseason knows a huge task awaits him in his hunt for the 100m Paris Olympics title.“I’m hoping the organisers for the event will be able to meet our standards because of course things have changed. I love competing at this event because I love to entertain Kenyans at home,” he added.

The Commonwealth Games 100m champion is also keen to take part in the indoor races, which he underlines have helped improve his speed.

“The indoor races really helped in my sprint last season, and that was replicated in the outdoor races. I therefore hope to do a couple of indoor races next year,” he said. “We have a busy schedule ahead from February to September. I can’t afford to rest at all. This is the only time I have enough time to train properly between now and February, that is why I’m working closely with my trainer to make sure I’m ready for the task ahead,” said Frend Omanyala.

Frend Omanyala is not sure if he will compete at his “special event” – the Kip Keino Classic 2024 edition as some conditions have to be met, but is hopeful all will work well and he will manage to get the best position.


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