KMPDU to strike on 6 counties

The Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists, and Dentists Union (KMPDU) has warned of impending strikes in six counties to address critical issues such as inadequate hospital equipment, insufficient drug supplies, the failure to honor Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs), and delayed promotions, among others.

KMPDU Secretary General Davji Atellah who spoke in Nakuru on Sunday said the strikes will commence on various dates within this month and affect Nakuru, Embu, Vihiga, Kajiado, Busia, and Kilifi counties.

Atellah expressed the frustrations of healthcare professionals in these counties, emphasizing their weariness due to the alleged reluctance of county governments to implement their rightful entitlements.

“The union has deliberated on numerous issues affecting our members and the overall healthcare system in the country, culminating in critical resolutions, including the impending strikes,” Atellah explained.

He cited the prolonged disputes in Nakuru County, which included legal battles, as a catalyst for the planned action. “KMPDU members in Nakuru are awaiting a court hearing scheduled for December 13, and subsequently, they will initiate their strike between December 17 and 20,” he stated.

Atellah accused Nakuru County authorities of playing a game of egos instead of resolving the doctors’ concerns. He further alleged that the Nakuru County Government Public Service Board displayed a lack of interest in ensuring effective medical service delivery.

In Vihiga County, doctors initiated their strike last week due to mounting frustration and the inability to provide services.

Atellah emphasized that the medical professionals would not relent until their demands were adequately addressed.

He said Kajiado doctors are set to strike on December 7, Kilifi doctors planning to strike on December 18 after issuing a 14-day notice, and doctors in Embu County initiating their strike towards the end of December due to the county government’s perceived lack of responsiveness.

Atellah criticized the imposition of unconditional levies, including the housing levy and high taxation, on members’ salaries, referring to it as daylight robbery. He demanded an immediate refund of the deducted funds by the government.

Atellah also highlighted the high cost of living and the non-implementation of key components of the CBA as pressing issues affecting doctors.

The KMPDU is advocating for a 40% salary increase for its members and expressed optimism about ongoing negotiations with the government. Atellah raised concerns about the Social Health Insurance Act potentially denying healthcare services to doctors, particularly the removal of the enhanced cover component enjoyed by doctors under the civil servant scheme.

He appealed to the Ministry of Health to reconsider this matter and reinstate the enhanced cover for medical professionals.



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