Nairobi ranked the best city to visit, President celebrates

Our endeavours to sell Kenya throughout the world are paying off.

Everywhere we go, we have offered everyone – investors, innovators, creators, professionals and travellers of all ages – a compelling reason to visit Kenya.

And we have countless such reasons. The world is listening. Our effort to use every local and global opportunity to profile Kenya as a competitive destination has elicited highly inspiring feedback from Lonely Planet, which has recognised Nairobi as its top global city destination.

We agree wholeheartedly with this assessment and positive feedback from a global authority on matters travel and tourism.

Kenya is a magnificent country endowed with a sumptuous array of spectacular touristic attractions that are liberally dispersed throughout the land, and Nairobi is its powerful, vital, beating heart.

We dream in Nairobi and chase our biggest dreams here.

We imagine a better present and future and then create it.

We are brave, bold and brilliant in Nairobi.

To be recognised as the world’s top city destination for 2024 by Lonely Planet is, therefore, direct recognition of the city’s unique confluence of global cosmopolitan trends and traditional cultural blends, with an emerging, evolving and dynamic youthful bent and everything else in between.

The award is also an indirect affirmation of Magical Kenya as an irresistible destination for those curious to encounter a beautiful country going places with a people who are always ready to engage all visitors, clients, customers and partners until their expectations are exceeded.

We shall neither tire nor relent in performing this important duty of marketing and promoting Magical Kenya and Nairobi, our wondrously complex, infinitely charismatic, profoundly fascinating capital abounding with opportunities for everyone thinking of learning, trying or starting something.

I encourage all our friends throughout the world to tell a friend or more to make the point of visiting Kenya and experiencing Nairobi.

There is nowhere like here anywhere in the world.

We are ready and waiting to give you an incomparable travel experience of unforgettable beauty and magic.

His Excellency Dr. William Samoei Ruto celebration message


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