President William Ruto’s 2024 assurance

President William Ruto on Sunday led the nation in ushering in the new year 2024 from Statehouse, Nakuru. In his address, the head of state expressed optimism about the year ahead saying Kenya will experience a fresh breakthrough.

He recalled events in 2023 saying the year was extraordinary, marked by difficulties and sacrifices. He remarked; “It was a year that we collectively made bold, decisive and far-reaching decisions to take Kenya to the path of growth. The choices we made were painful yet necessary with a promise for a long-term gain,”

He said the country was now making positive strides and results are beginning to manifest and Kenyans will soon feel the impact of the decisions made in the previous year.

According to Ruto, the country overcame numerous challenges to the extent that inflation has reduced to 6.8% and the country’s GDP is growing at the rate of 5.4%, “placing Kenya as the 29th fastest-growing economy globally,”

“In 2023, we triumphed over the threat of hunger and economic stagnation. Kenya is now secure with regard to foreign debts. Further, inflation has eased while the economy is growing fast. This deliberate and inclusive growth will expand opportunities for millions of Kenyans,”

To spur the economy, he said his administration rolled out an economic growth model intentionally designed to be inclusive, expanding opportunities and creating jobs. As a result, he said millions of opportunities from construction jobs, technical jobs, and digital jobs, as well as entrepreneurial opportunities, both locally and abroad, have been created.

“Our international jobs program is well on course, having negotiated many bilateral labour agreements to open up opportunities for employment for Kenyans globally,” he said adding that; “Our collective efforts have not only rescued us from economic paralysis but propelled us towards a brighter future,”

While acknowledging the challenges on the path ahead, he remarked; “We now have a moment with history to work together to transform our country. With the new year comes our opportunity to do much more and much better. Happy and blessed New Year 2024 to all Kenyans,”


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