Raila Odinga maintains threat to weekly protests

Raila Odinga maintains threat to weekly protests

Raila Odinga, the Azimio La Umoja Leader has maintained the Opposition’s commitment to ensuring that President William Ruto respects the decisions of the court.

Odinga emphasized that every citizen, regardless of their political or social standing, must adhere to the rulings of the third arm of government. He cautioned that defying court orders would create a chaotic atmosphere in the country.

The Supreme Court of Kenya dismissed Odinga’s petition challenging Ruto’s election as President, citing a lack of evidence and document forgery as key reasons for the unanimous decision.

“Who are you to disregard court orders? The court ruled against us despite all the evidence we presented. We stated that we disagreed with the ruling, but we respect the court. You are a product of that ruling, and you are saying you will disregard it. We will not allow you to do so,” Odinga remarked.

The Opposition Leader also issued a warning, stating that a ‘one million man march’ demonstration would take place in Nairobi if President Ruto persisted in disobeying court orders that ruled against government flagship projects.

“We want to convey to the Judges and Magistrates not to be intimidated. We, along with millions of Kenyans, stand with you. If it requires a one million march to Nairobi, we will do it in defense of the constitution and the Judiciary,” Raila Odinga.

“The President of this country is not above the law. Therefore, we do not expect him to speak as if obeying court orders is a favour that he is doing for the country. It is a constitutional requirement,” said LSK President Eric Theuri during a media briefing .

Theuri further indicated that if President Ruto continued his attacks against the judiciary, LSK might contemplate initiating impeachment proceedings against him for “violation of the constitution.”

Prominent Kenyan lawyers, including former Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka and former minister Eugene Wamalwa, both presently opposition politicians, participated in the Friday protest.

This comes Jimmy Wanjigi’s meeting with Raila Odinga  in a private two-hour meeting at a Nairobi hotel, fueling murmurs that a new political deal between the duo could be in the offing.

“We discussed several issues but more importantly matters of national interest with the Azimio leader in our meeting that went very well,” Wanjigi said.

On Friday last week, Wanjigi warned President William Ruto of a possible revolt by Kenyans against his government over high taxation and the Executive’s punitive policies that are suffocating livelihoods.

The business magnate said it was time the government pays attention to Kenyans or faced countrywide protests against the punitive tax regime. Wanjigi spoke while attending the burial of Safina party Secretary General John Dominic Wamagata at the PCEA Mama Ngina grounds in Kikuyu Constituency, Kiambu county.

Wanjigi went on to cite the infamous Eurobonds, citing that no single tangible project can be attributed to the Eurobond which is considered one of the most burdensome credit facilities Kenya has accumulated.

He also announced his support for Raila’s threat to call for new street protests to compel President Ruto to deal with the rising cost of living.

“I support Raila calling for anti-government protests. We are not rats to be trampled on. We seem to have a government that is not listening,” he said at a political gathering in the Mount Kenya region.

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