Renowned Television anchor Rashid Abdalla denies rumors that he is eyeing a political seat at Kwale county

Well knowend television journalist Rashid Abdalla has denied rumours that he is eyeing a political seat in Kwale county.

Abdallah, who is from Waa in Kwale, has been organising a popular football tournament – Rashid Abdalla Super Cup, for the past three years.

Some local leaders and politicians have been feeling jittery as Abdalla’s popularity continues to soar, with some openly asking him to declare his motive.

Abdalla, however, told the Star, that the football tournaments are not for political mileage.

He said his only dream is to empower the community and spearhead development through scouting and nurturing of youth’s talents.

Abdalla said he doesn’t expect anything in return other than supporting youth to realise their talents and be part and parcel of the national development.

“My interest is not political but the desire to grow talents and transform the youth’s lives through sports,” he said.

He said the football initiative comes against the backdrop of high insecurity cases and drug abuse among youth that were previously recorded in the region, especially in Waa.

Abdalla said he is using the football league to reduce idleness and prevent youth from going back to the streets where they are the most vulnerable to drugs and criminal activities.

“The only thing I want is peace, cohesion and a good life for the youth. I can relate to the challenges they are going through because I was born and raised here,” he said.


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