Youtuber Mr Beast embarrasses Kenyan leaders after constructing boreholes

Kenyan leaders especially cabinet secretaries and county bosses have faced scrutiny following the construction of 52 dams by American YouTuber Mr Beast.

Mr Beast’s mission was to build 100 wells in Africa, with 52 of them being located in Kenya. The Youtuber was deeply shocked by the dirty water that schoolchildren were forced to drink.

He holds strongly the view that rather than relying on hefty budgetary allotments by the government, these feats can easily be accomplished through philanthropic initiatives.

He has urged the public for further support to enable many other practical and life-improving endeavours for humanity.

After the wells are dug, pure water is transferred to water tanks elevated on the towers for community convenience. According to Mr Beast, it took over eight months to finish this continental venture.

With over 200 million followers on YouTube, the renowned content creator documented the project, showcasing the before and after projects.

During his time in Kenya, he also constructed a bridge in a local village.

In addition, he generously contributed computers, shelves, books, footballs, whiteboards, and projectors to primary schools within the country. His philanthropy knows no bounds as it extended beyond Kenya to Zimbabwe and Cameroon where he undertook the building and installation of wells, transforming the lives of local communities.

This act of pure kindness is well-received by Kenyans who have made comparisons between Mr Beast’s initiatives and those undertaken by local politicians.

A portion of Kenyans have expressed their frustration, highlighting the excessive resources allocated to project launches.

There is also concern that some local leaders may attempt to take credit for Mr Beast’s endeavours.

Additionally, President William Ruto has been subjected to ridicule for his previous unveiling of contaminated tap water in Kirinyaga and the recommissioning of outdated projects.

He says the 100 wells he is building are going to give half a million people access to fresh drinking water.


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