Azziad Nasenya Net Worth

Azziad Nasenya Net Worth

Azziad Nasenya Net Worth

In this article, we shall explore Azziad Nasenya’s net worth who is popularly known as the Kenyan TitTok Queen who gained popularity in year 2019 after posting a TikTok video of herself.

Azziad Nasenya Biography

Azziad Nasenya was born on 16th June 2000. She is an actress and a media figure. Azziad attended various schools during her academic years, starting at Central Primary School in Mumias and later moving to Cathsam School in Nairobi. She concluded her primary education at Lugulu Girls Boarding Primary School.
After her primary education, she went to St. Cecilia Misikhu Girls Secondary School, one of the popular secondary schools in Western Kenya.She later joined the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication, where she pursued a course in Mass Media.

Nickname: TikTok Queen

Real name: Azziad Nasenya Wafula

Occupation: Actor, Content Creator, Radio Host

Birthday: 16 June 2000

Nationality: Kenyan

Star sign: Gemini

Birthplace: Mumias

Height: 167cm

Children: N/A

Net Worth:  Approximately $200,000

Azziad Nasenya Personal life

Azziad Nasenya Wafula will be turning 24 years old in June 2024. She is fully dedicated to her blossoming career. The information about her relationships remains private although it is known that she is currently unmarried.

Azziad Nasenya’s commitment to her work and passion for entertaining her audience is evident through her consistent output of engaging content and participation in various acting projects.

Azziad Nasenya Career

Azziad Nasenya has always loved acting. This started when she was in high school. She used to act in stage plays. After she finished high school, she became a member of the Hearts of Art theatre group. In this group, she played many roles while at the same time pursuing her college education.

It is in 2018 Azziad decided to take her love for content creation to the next level. She created a YouTube Channel and began vlogging with dance videos. In August 2019, she created a TikTok account and began sharing her dance videos.

Her energetic and engaging dance moves captivated audiences, propelling her to fame not just in Kenya but also across various social media platforms. Since then, she has continued to grow her online presence, often sharing content related to entertainment, lifestyle, and her experiences.

Azziad’s rise to fame showcases the power of social media in amplifying talents and connecting individuals on a global scale.

Azziad Nasenya is one of the few Kenyans who are verified tick on the app and with millions of views due to her unique way of attracting an audience thus being named the Kenyan Tiktok queen.

Azziad Nasenya gained recognition through TikTok, particularly with her viral dance video performing the “Utawezana” challenge that pushed her audience even beyond Kenyan borders. The video quickly went viral, catapulting her to fame overnight and gaining millions of views across various social media platforms, earning her the title of “Kenya’s TikTok Queen.”

Back in early 2020, Azziad was cast as a lead female role in a TV series. With this, the production happened to be postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic which caused a lot of job loss opportunities.

The same year in June 2020, Azziad came as Chichi in Selina Telenovela on Maisha Magic East by M-Net and MultiChoice. She also played Bianca and Fatuma in the series in the same series.

After her recognition in the series, Azziad later co-hosted a TV show together with Mwaniki Mageria Concert Nyumbani, which was about celebrating COVID-19 heroes in July 2020.

Nasenya’s success is her ability to connect with her audience on a personal level. Through her authenticity and relatable content, she has cultivated a loyal following of fans who admire her authenticity and admire her journey from obscurity to stardom. As a role model for young Kenyans, she has used her platform to advocate for social causes and champion positive change in her community.

Azziad Nasenya Net Worth

As an accomplished actress and social media personality, Nasenya has been able to capitalize on her popularity. From brand partnerships and endorsements to acting gigs and entrepreneurial ventures, she has used her multifaceted talents to build a lucrative career in the entertainment industry.

Azziad Nasenya’s network is estimated approximately $200,000.It is evident that she has amassed significant wealth through her various endeavors

Azziad Naesenya Youtube channel

Azziad Nasenya has a YouTube channel that has more than 177k subscribers.On her YouTube channel, she has a show “Shoe Game With Azziad” where she hosts celebrities.

She received an award for being a content creator for attaining 100,000 subscribers in her channels.

Azziad Nasenya Age

Azziad Nasenya was born on 16th June 2000 and will be turning 24 on 16th June 2024.


Nasenya’s influence extends beyond traditional media channels, as she continues to expand her presence on social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

With millions of followers across these platforms, she commands a considerable presence in the digital space, which translates into lucrative opportunities for sponsored content and brand collaborations.
Azziad Nasenya’s name exemplifies the power of passion, perseverance, and authenticity. Through her talent, hard work, and entrepreneurial spirit, she has carved out a successful career in the entertainment industry, captivating audiences with her infectious energy and charm.

While her net worth may be difficult to quantify precisely, there is no denying the significant impact she has made on the cultural landscape of Kenya and beyond. As she continues to blaze a trail in the world of entertainment, one thing remains certain: Azziad Nasenya continues to make a mark in the entertainment industry and she will continue to shine brightly for years to come.

Azziad Nasenya social media handles

Facebook: Azziad Nasenya

Twitter: @AzziadNasenya

Instagram: @azz_iad


1. What is Azziad Nasenya’s estimated net worth?

Azziad Nasenya’s estimated net worth is around $200,000, primarily from her various endeavors in the entertainment industry.

2. How did Azziad Nasenya accumulate her wealth?

Azziad Nasenya accumulated her wealth through various income streams, including brand endorsements, sponsored content on social media, acting roles, hosting gigs, and appearances in commercials and music videos.

3. What are the main sources of income for Azziad Nasenya?

Azziad Nasenya’s main sources of income include the brand partnerships, sponsored content creation on platforms like Instagram and YouTube, acting projects, appearances in music videos, and endorsements from various companies within the entertainment industry.

4.How did Azziad Nasenya’s TikTok video go viral?

Azziad’s TikTok video went viral due to her energetic dance moves and the catchy Kenyan song she was dancing to. The video resonated with viewers and quickly gained traction, leading to her overnight fame.

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