10 Best Fun Activities in Nairobi

Best fun activities in Nairobi

10 Best Fun Activities in Nairobi


Brief background of Nairobi

Nairobi the capital and largest city of Kenya, is a vibrant metropolis that serves as the economic, political, and cultural hub of the country. Situated in the southern part of Kenya, Nairobi has a rich history dating back to its establishment as a railway depot during the construction of the Uganda Railway in the late 19th century. Originally a swampy area, the city’s name is derived from the Maasai phrase “Enkare Nairobi,” meaning “cool water.”

Over the years, Nairobi has evolved into a bustling urban center, attracting a diverse population and earning its nickname as the “Green City in the Sun” due to its numerous parks and green spaces. The city is home to a mix of traditional and modern architecture, reflecting its historical roots and contemporary development. Nairobi National Park, located just outside the city center, stands as a unique feature, allowing residents and visitors to experience wildlife amidst an urban backdrop.

Economically, Nairobi plays a crucial role as a major financial and business hub in East Africa. It hosts numerous international organizations, diplomatic missions, and a thriving business district. The city’s economy is driven by sectors such as finance, technology, and services. The skyline is adorned with skyscrapers, symbolizing Nairobi’s rapid urbanization and economic growth.

Culturally, Nairobi is a melting pot of various ethnicities and cultures, creating a vibrant atmosphere with diverse cuisines, music, and art. The city is a center for education and research, hosting prominent universities and institutions. The Kenyan National Archives and the Nairobi National Museum showcase the country’s rich cultural heritage and history.

Nairobi’s transportation network includes a mix of modern infrastructure, such as Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, and traditional modes of transport like matatus (shared minibusses). Traffic congestion is a common challenge, reflecting the city’s rapid population growth and urbanization.

Despite its modernity, Nairobi faces social and economic disparities, with informal settlements known as “slums” coexisting alongside upscale neighborhoods. Efforts are ongoing to address these challenges and create a more inclusive and sustainable urban environment. In essence, Nairobi is a dynamic city with a multifaceted identity, blending history, culture, and progress.

The following are the best activities that one can do during his or her leisure time.

 Picnics and Relaxation

Picnics and Relaxation is a fun activity that is suitable for adults and couples in Nairobi.

Nairobi National Park provides designated picnic spots where visitors can unwind and enjoy the serene surroundings. Set against the picturesque landscapes, these areas are perfect for a relaxing day out with family or friends.
Whether you choose to bring your picnic or purchase local delicacies, the park offers a tranquil setting for a leisurely meal amidst the beauty of nature. It’s a chance to rejuvenate, surrounded by the sounds of wildlife and the fresh air of the outdoors.

Nairobi National Park location :

Nairobi, Nairobi 34608 · ~11.4 km

Nairobi National Park phone:

+(254) 20 602121

 Rooftop Dining in Westlands

Rooftop Dining in Westlands is one of the best outdoor activities in Nairobi. For a more intimate and sophisticated experience, couples can indulge in a rooftop dining experience in the vibrant Westlands area. Nairobi boasts several rooftop restaurants with stunning city views. Enjoy a candlelit dinner under the stars while savoring delicious cuisine. The romantic ambiance combined with the panoramic cityscape creates a memorable setting for couples to unwind and celebrate their connection. The best restaurant for this is Artcaffe Westgate.

Artcaffe Westgate location:

Westegate Mall, Along Mwanzi road

Artcaffe Westgate phone:



Nairobi Airport Layover Tour Nairobi City

Bypass the taxi lines and make the most of your Nairobi layover by departing the airport and heading out for a private city tour. With this convenient way to check off top Nairobi landmarks, you’ll get out of Nairobi Airport quickly with private transport included. Having admission included eliminates time wasted in ticket lines, so you can enjoy the personalized service of a private tour.

Highlights include a visit to the American Embassy Memorial Garden’s rooftop observatory, exploring a local market, and relaxing in Uhuru Park. All park entrance fees are included, and lunch is available for purchase at your own expense. Pick up and drop off are available at the airport, Nairobi hotels, Airbnb, or private apartments. Expect to visit Kenyatta International Conference Center and Uhuru Park, with a one-hour admission ticket included for each attraction.

Nairobi Airport Layover: Tour Nairobi City

Nairobi Airport Layover phone:

+44 20 7292 3158

Nairobi All-Inclusive Multi-Park Safari Experience

This half-day tour begins with hotel pickup followed by a visit to the Nairobi National Park. Here, you will have the opportunity to view wildlife, such as lions and rhinos, without having to leave the city limits. Your guide will share information and fun facts about the park and its inhabitants throughout the game drive.

The tour also includes visits to other top attractions in Nairobi, such as the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and the Giraffe Center. With transportation provided throughout the day, you can sit back and relax while you enjoy the stunning landscape and wildlife that Nairobi has to offer.

This is a fun thing that one can do with friends or even couples outing to observe nature. The best for this is at David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and the Giraffe Center.

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and the Giraffe Center Location:

Along Mbagathi Rd, Nairobi, Nairobi · ~13.4 km

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and the Giraffe Center phone and email:

 +(254) 20 2301396

 Wildlife Safari

Explore the wonders of Nairobi National Park through a captivating wildlife safari. Witness the unique juxtaposition of the urban skyline against the backdrop of untamed nature. With a diverse array of animals, including lions, giraffes, zebras, and rhinos, the park provides a fantastic opportunity for wildlife enthusiasts to observe these creatures in their natural habitat. Guided game drives offer an immersive experience, allowing you to capture breathtaking moments and create lasting memories.

National Museum Location:

Along Museum Hill Road, Nairobi, Nairobi · ~10.9 km

National Museum phone and email:

+(254) 20 3742131

Ivory Burning Site Monument

Delve into the park’s historical significance by visiting the Ivory Burning Site Monument. This location commemorates Kenya’s commitment to wildlife conservation, symbolized by the burning of confiscated ivory. Gain insights into the ongoing efforts to combat poaching and protect endangered species. The monument serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of preserving Africa’s wildlife heritage and is a must-visit for those interested in the conservation aspect of Nairobi National Park.

Nairobi National Park is the location

 Nairobi, Nairobi 34608 · ~11.4 km

Nairobi National Park phone:

+(254 )20 602121

Paint and Sip Night

This is one of the best outdoor fun activities that one can hold with his or her friends.

Unleash your creativity with a paint-and-sip night. Numerous art studios and venues in Nairobi host painting sessions where you and your friends can enjoy a laid-back evening of artistic expression. Sip on your favorite beverages while a local artist guides you through creating your masterpiece. It’s a fun and relaxing way to bond with friends, tap into your artistic side, and take home a unique souvenir from your night out.

Outdoor Adventure at Ngong Hills

For a more active outing, gather your friends for a hiking adventure at Ngong Hills. The scenic trails and breathtaking views provide the perfect backdrop for an outdoor excursion. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or just looking for a casual walk, Ngong Hills offers various trails suitable for different skill levels. Enjoy the fresh air, stunning landscapes, and the joy of conquering the hills together, making it a memorable outdoor experience with friends.

Ngong Hills Location:

Along Ngong Hills Plaza 0208, Ngong Road, Ngong, 034 0208 · ~30.3 km

Ngong Hills phone and email

+(254) 722 679098

Escape Room Adventure

Experience the adventure in Nairobi National Park with our selected hotel pickup and drop-off. You will enjoy the comfort of transportation in a 4WD air-conditioned open-roof van, with free Wi-Fi, and accompanied by an English-speaking professional licensed driver/guide.

Challenge your group’s problem-solving skills with an escape room adventure. Nairobi has several escape room facilities where you and your friends can work together to solve puzzles, decipher clues, and unlock the mystery to “escape” within a set time limit. This immersive and thrilling experience fosters teamwork and camaraderie, providing a unique and interactive way to spend time with friends. Be prepared for an adrenaline-pumping adventure as you navigate through themed scenarios, putting your collective wits to the test.

Nairobi National Park location:

 Nairobi, Nairobi 34608 · ~11.4 km

Nairobi National Park phone:

+(254) 20 602121

Foodie Exploration at Street Markets

Embark on a culinary adventure with your friends by exploring Nairobi’s vibrant street markets. From local delicacies to international flavors, these markets offer a diverse range of street food. Roam through stalls together, trying various dishes, and sharing your culinary discoveries.

It’s a delightful way to experience the city’s food culture while enjoying each other’s company. Don’t forget to capture the moment with some foodie photos to reminisce about your tasty escapade. The best place for this is at Uhuru Park.

Uhuru Park Location:

Nairobi, Nairobi County · ~11.5 km

Uhuru Park phone and email:

+(254) 711 751981


A. What are some fun activities to do in Nairobi?

  • 1. Visit Nairobi National Park: Experience wildlife just outside the city.
  • 2. Explore David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust: Meet orphaned elephants.
  • 3. Karura Forest: Hike or bike in this urban forest reserve.
  • 4. Giraffe Centre: Get up close with endangered Rothschild’s giraffes.
  • 5. Maasai Market: Shop for traditional crafts and souvenirs.
  • 6. KICC Helipad: Enjoy panoramic views of Nairobi.
  • 7. Nairobi National Museum: Discover Kenya’s cultural and natural heritage.
  • 8. Kazuri Beads Women’s Co-op: Learn pottery and support local artisans.
  • 9. Ngong Hills: Hike and enjoy breathtaking landscapes.

B. Are their family-friendly attractions in Nairobi?

  • 1. Nairobi Safari Walk: Educational and fun wildlife experience.
  • 2. City Park: Offers playgrounds and open spaces for family picnics.
  • 3. Splash Water World: Water park with slides and pools.
  • 4. Nairobi Railway Museum: Explore vintage trains and carriages.
  • 5. Karen Blixen Coffee Garden: Family-friendly dining in a serene setting.




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