Cheapest Cars in Kenya 

Cheapest Cars in Kenya 

Cheapest Cars in Kenya

This article will explore the Cheapest Cars In KenyaIt will also talk about the factors to consider before purchasing a car whether locally or by importation.

There are several factors to be considered before purchasing a car. These criteria help potential car buyers settle on the right budget-friendly car brand.

Below are the standard measures to be considered when purchasing a car;

1. Features and Technology

New cars whether imported or locally bought, often come with advanced safety features such as adaptive headlights, automatic parking, and backup cameras.

Prospective buyers also consider factors like driving comfort, blind spot view, seating configuration, room, storage space, and other amenities which are equally important depending on the buyer’s choice.

2. Availability of spare parts

Choose a car whose spare parts are locally available and whose technicians can handle them. This allows you to avoid subjecting your car to becoming a liability in the long run.

3. The value of Resale

It is possible and usual for car owners to upgrade their cars as time goes by.

With this in mind, before purchasing a car, you have to choose a car model that holds its value for a long time

The brand of the car also speaks for itself value-wise when it comes to resale without even considering much of other details. For this reason, you choose the best brand.

4. Maintenance cost

Durability and maintenance of a car should be essential to any prospective car buyer.

The car should be durable enough and should be cheap to maintain whenever that need arises.

This is only possible when the spare parts of the car are readily available.

5. Efficiency of the fuel

In a country like Kenya where fuel prices are not constant, one ought to purchase a car that does not guzzle a lot of fuel.

This however depends with again the model and the buyer’s preference.

You purchase a car that is fuel-friendly, that is, it consumes a little fuel per hour and has a higher mileage.

Cheapest Cars in Kenya 2024 and Their Prices

1. Suzuki Swift

The Suzuki Swift is a fantastic two-wheel drive automatic hatchback with a 5-door design. This 5-passenger class compact vehicle comes in stunning colours and is available locally from KES 100k.

The Suzuki Swift offers fuel consumption from 4.6 to 6.1L/100km.

2. Toyota Vitz

It is a 5-person small car popular among ladies. It is popular due to its fuel economy, higher mileage, and stunning looks.

Depending on the model year, you can get it locally used or newly imported for KES 400k – KES 2M.

The claimed fuel consumption of the Toyota Vitz is rated at 4.4 l/100km

3. Nissan March

It is a product of Nissan, one of the few inexpensive automobile companies from Japan.

Its spare parts are locally available and the average fuel consumption of Nissan March is about 7 litre per 100 km.

Price-wise, you can get the Nissan March locally used or newly imported for Ksh 750k – Ksh 1.7 million.

4. Nissan Advan

It is one of the most economical cars around with an average fuel consumption of 28 MPG

Its price locally is KES 680k while the imported one is KES 1.955M depending on the model’s year.

Nissan AdVan rocks the minivan sector with a quite basic and simple interior.

5. Honda Civic

It’s derived and manufactured by Honda. It is among the best cheap automobiles that boast outstanding features.

It has so far gained the reputation of being fuel-efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly.

Honda Civic offers the best fuel economy of 36 MPG combined, with 33 MPG city and 42 MPG highway.

6. Toyota Allion

Depending on the model year, you can get the Toyota Allion locally used for KES 500k – KEs 1.2 million.

Overall, it’s a good option for special occasions and daily commutes that do not require long distances.

Its average fuel consumption is approximately 32 mpg.

7. Mazda Familia

The Mazda Familia van costs Ksh750,000 and is ranked among the cheapest cars in Kenya.

It has Nissan features though it has the Mazda Logo hence making its outlook basic and quiet.

The Mazda Familia currently offers fuel consumption from 7 to 8.3L/100km.

8. Toyota Passo

The 1000cc engine generates 66 horsepower and can deliver a fuel economy of 20km/L.

It’s best for anyone looking to venture into the taxi industry and not for off-road.

An ex-Japan Passo goes for KES 820,000 and above depending on the year model too.

9. Toyota Auris

Being one of the cheapest vehicles in Kenya, the Toyota Auris stands out of the way with its appealing features.

With a price of not more than KES 800,000, the Toyota Auris is a promising car for any activity like family trips and road trips.

It offers advanced safety systems and a wide array of powerful yet low emission fuel-efficient of 58.9mpg.

10. Toyota Probox

Well known for its affordable transportation options, goes from as low as KES 300,000.

It is a great car that can be bought with a reasonable budget.

With a big headroom and enough cargo space, probox is best preferred by business people who transport goods.

Data shows that the Toyota Probox could give you an average fuel consumption of 15 km per litre.


If you’re looking for a new car, it might be worth considering one of the many affordable cars in Kenya.

The list above includes some of the best budget-friendly options today. Whether you want to buy a used vehicle or invest in a newer model, there’s something for everyone.

You can also see that Toyota tops the list with the most affordable cars, followed by Nissan and Suzuki at a distance.

So, if you want a cheap, locally used or newly imported car, the above are the brands to consider, and the 15 models I’ve shared are a great starting point.


1. Can I get a car with 100k in Kenya?

Depending on the model and mileage of the car, you can get a car with a budget of 100k.

  • Honda Fit
  • Mazda Familia
  • Suzuki Swift
  • Mazda Familia

2. Which is the cheapest car in Kenya

  • Nissan March
  • Honda Fit
  • Mazda Familia
  • Suzuki swift

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