Malls in Karen

Malls in Karen

Malls in Karen

In this article, we shall explore Malls in Karen that provides customers with a wide variety of shopping and it allows individuals to acquire the goods and services they need to sustain themselves and their families

Brief description of Karen

Karen is an outlying district of Nairobi in Kenya, lying southwest of Nairobi’s central business district. Karen borders the Ngong Forest.

Since shopping can be tiresome and time-consuming malls in Karen ensure that they entice destinations for both residents and visitors by providing different activities in the mall. The following are the best malls located in Karen.

1. The Waterfront Karen Mall

Waterfront Mall was established in 2016 by the late Nelson Muguke who was widely renowned as one of the largest poultry farmers. It is located at Kuwinda Langata, Nairobi.

The mall provides a serene escape from long working hours. Visitors can enjoy a variety of outlets and enjoy dining activities. It is one of the best malls in Karen. The following are activities that one can do at Waterfront Mall.

  • China Square. Beauty, Fashion, Fitness, Food
  • House Of Party. Entertainment, Kids
  • Maji Magic for kids’ entertainment
  • Paintball Fury
  • Play Den
  • Royal Mamas and Tots
  • The Waterfront Stables

Waterfront Karen Mall location:
Kuwinda Langata, Nairobi
Waterfront Karen Mall Phone:

2. The Hub Karen

Hub Karen is one of the best malls in Karen located at Dagorreti Road, Karen. The person behind the success of Hub Mall is a business tycoon Humphrey Kariuki.

  • It was established back then in February 2016. It offers different products to its customers at an affordable price. The following are activities to engage into:
    Funscapes Amusement Park
  • Racing Ziplines
  • AirBag Jump
  • Giant Swing
  • Leap of Faith
  • Funscapes
  • Abseiling
  • Climbing Wall
  • Recreational activities

The Hub Karen location:
Dagorreti Road, Karen
The Hub Karen phone:

3. Karen Triangle Mall

Karen Triangle Mall is one of the most visited malls in Karen that offers different varieties and products to consumers. It is located at Karen Rd Nairobi. The following activities that one can participate.

  • Racing zip lines where you fly high side-by-side on our twin 140m & 180m ziplines
  • Airbag jump In this you will enjoy a free fall jump into an airbag from up to 10m from the ground
    In the giant swing 3 participants are hoisted up 8m, pull a quick release, and then swing
  • Leap of faith
  • Climbing walls
  • Abseiling

Karen Triangle Mall serves as a convenient shopping destination for residents and commuters alike.

With its strategic location and diverse tenant mix, this mall caters to everyday needs and offers a seamless shopping experience.

It has a Google rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 which shows it is one of the most visited malls in Karen.

Karen Triangle Mall location:
Karen Rd Nairobi.
Karen Triangle Mall Phone:

4. The Well mall

The Well mall is one of the commercial malls strategically located along Langata Road, Karen. It offers the best discounts to the clients making it one of the most explored malls in Karen.

It consists of different activities that you can engage in. They include:

  • Themed events
  • Music dance
  • Movie theater
  • Artwork

It has a Google rating of 4.3 stars after a review of 1,441 people.

The Well mall location:
MQ54+MP2, Langata Rd, Nairobi
The Well mall phone:


5. One-stop arcade

One Stop Arcade is one of the best malls in Karen that welcomes clients with the best atmosphere.

This mall features upscale boutiques, gourmet cafes, and lifestyle stores, making it a haven for discerning shoppers seeking luxury and exclusivity.

I have a google rating of 4.5. Gather your friends and form a team to compete against other enthusiasts at One Stop Arcade Mall.
It offers the following activities:

  • Dining Experience
  • Shopping
  • Personal Grooming
  • Picnics

One-stop arcade location:
Karen Road, Nairobi
One-stop arcade phone:
0710 135765

6. Karen plains arcade mall

Karen Plains Arcade is one of the best malls in Karen that offers a diverse range of retail options to cater to different tastes and preferences.

The plain arcade mall has a modern design with spacious walkways and bright interiors, creating a welcoming atmosphere for visitors.

Karen Plains arcade location:
Off Karen road
Karen Plains arcade phone;

7. Karen landmark mall

Are you looking for the best place to shop? Karen landmark mall offers the best products for you.

It is a supermarket and department store operated by Citysuper Incorporated, the holding company of the Landmark Corporation, which is owned by Enrique Cheng.

At Karen landmark mall you can enjoy delicious meals prepared in the restaurant.It is one of the best malls in Karen that have largely maintained their clients.

Karen landmark mall location:
Off Karen Road, Nairobi
Karen landmark mall phone:

8. Karen end shopping mall

Karen End Shopping is one of the malls in karen that are in the public domain. It offers a mix of retail stores, dining options, and  entertainment facilities that helps in maintaining loyal customers.

Karen ends shopping location:
Farm Lane, Karen
Karen ends shopping phone:


9. Carrefour Kenya Mall

Carrefour is a well-known international retail chain that operates malls and hypermarkets in various locations .

It offers groceries and household items. Other popular stores and attractions might include clothing retailers, electronics shops, cinemas, food courts, and play areas for children making it to be among best malls in Karen.

Carrefour Kenya location:
Karen Road, Nairobi
Carrefour Kenya phone:

10. Sona Shoppe Karen CrossRoads Mall

Crossroads Karen is one of the best malls in Karen that serves as  commerce and entertainment hub.

It has casual dining options, stores and service outlets. Crossroads  mall caters to diverse consumer preferences and lifestyle needs.

Sona Shoppe Karen CrossRoads Mall location:
Sona Shoppe Karen CrossRoads Mall, Karen Rd, Nairobi
Sona Shoppe Karen CrossRoads Mall Phone:


1. What are the operating hours of the malls in Karen?

Most malls in Karen operate from around 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM, but it can vary depending on the mall and the day of the week.

2. What are the major stores or attractions in the malls in Karen?

The malls in Karen host a variety of stores, restaurants, and entertainment options.
Carrefour hypermarket is a common anchor store in malls, offering groceries and household items. Other products offered in the stores might include:

  • Clothing retailers
  • Electronics shops
  • Cinemas
  • Food courts
  • Play areas for children.

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