Bahati Net Worth

Bahati Net Worth

This post talks about Bahati Net worth. To be specific it talks about the assets he owns including his houses, cars, and businesses.

Also, this article gives a biography of Bahati including his age, education, career and marriage.

Bahati Biography

Bahati is among the Richest Musicians in Kenya. His Net worth runs into Millions of Kenya Shillings.

Bahati was born on December 22, 1994 in Mathare. His full names are Kevin Kioko Bahati and he belongs to the Capricorn Zodiac sign. His eyes and hair are black in color and he is 5 foot and 6 inches tall.

During his early childhood, Bahati underwent through up so many challenges. To begin with, he had to relocate to ABC Children’s home after his parents died.

With regards to his education, Bahati completed his high school education at Eastleigh Boys High School. He managed to attain a C+ in the KCSE 2012. From there, he decided to proceed with his music career.

At the moment, Bahati is an established singer who is married to Diana Bahati. Together they have 3 biological children; Malaika, Heaven and Majesty. They also have an adopted child known as Morgan Bahati

When it comes to career progression, Bahati started as a newbie singer back in 2010. Today he is one of the most searched musicians in Kenya.

During the last elections in the year 2022, he unsuccessfully vied for the Mathare Member of Parliament seat. He cried foul and accused his opponents of stealing the nominations

In 2027, Bahati is likely to vie for the Mathare seat again. This time he is likely to win the elections.

Bahati Songs

Bahati has so many hit songs. He is known for hits such as Machozi, Adhiambo, Abebo, Size Yangu, Sweet Darling, Diana, Kuchu Kuchu, Ching Ching, Mi Amor, and Je Unanifikiria.

Bahati Awards and Nominations

Bahati has won several accolades since he started to sing. Below are some of the awards he has won and nominated in.

  • Groove Awards Male Artiste of the Year – 2014
  • AFRIMMA – Best Male Artiste 2014
  • Best Male Artist Kisima Music Award

Bahati Net Worth

Over the past years, Bahati’s lifestyle has been questionable. His quality videos with high-end vehicles and jets has solidified his position as one of the Richest Musicians in Kenya.

As mentioned earlier on, Bahati Net worth runs into Millions of Kenya Shillings.

At the moment, this artist is estimated to be worth more than 20 Million Kenya Shillings.

Bahati Assets and Sources of Income

This is a list of assets that are owned by Bahati.

27 Million Mansion at Kamakis

Bahati owns a luxurious multi- million mansion that costed him about 27 Million. The house is 4 bedroomed, well furnished and has a gazebo.

Expensive Car Collection

Bahati has a very expensive car collection. At the time of writing this post, Bahati has a Prado TX, a Range Rover Sport and Mercedes Benz which he bought for his wife. All of these cars are valued at more than 10 Million Kenya Shillings. Bahati Kenya also owns a Toyota Hiace

A Successful You Tube Channel

Bahati has one of the most successful You Tube Channels in Kenya. He has more than 1 million subscribers and over 200 Million total views. Every month, Bahati earns not less than KES 500,000.

In today’s modern world, having a successful You Tube channel is one of the 1000 ways to become a rich or wealthy person.

 EMB Records

EMB is the acronym for Eastlands Most Beloved Records. It is a recording label that was formed by Bahati. In the past, it has signed artists such as Weezdom and David Wonder.

EMB records is a source of revenue for Bahati in the sense that he earns money when artists come for recording sessions. The artists signed also bring revenue when they perform.

Bahati’s Social Media Pages

Bahati’s Social Media Pages such as Facebook, and Instagram are a source of income. On Facebook, the celebrity has a total of more than 2.4 Million followers while on Instagram he has over 3.5 Million followers.

For sponsored posts, Bahati charges not less than 100,000 KES per post.

Bahati also endorses companies. In the recent past, he has worked with big companies such as Zunguka Africa.

Expensive Shoe Collection

Believe it or not, shoes are an asset. Bahati owns several pairs of shoes including Airmax, Airforce, Nike and Adidas. His shoes are easily over 1 Million Kenya Shillings.

Bahati also owns expensive jewelry. He wears gold and silver rings and chains. These jewelries are estimated to be worth thousands and thousands of shillings.

TV Shows

Bahati has participated in several TV shows that have earned him a fortune.

His show ‘Being Bahati’ which aired in NTV was a hit. The show was a darling to many. The show ran for 3 seasons.

Performing Shows

Bahati earns a lot of money performing in private and public shows. Ever since he stopped performing gospel music, Bahati has performed in so many gigs that have earned him Millions of Kenya Shillings.

For a single show, is said Bahati charges nothing less than Half a Million Kenya Shillings.


Unproven Facts

Bahati has claimed that he his more than 20 Million Kenya Shillings. In the recent campaigns, the musician has said that he spent over 33 Million Kenya Shillings.

According to Ghafla, Bahati has stated that he plans to be a billionaire. It is unclear what he plans to do or which businesses he is likely to venture in but from the look of things it might be possible. Good luck Bahati.



Bahati is a very wealthy person. He is among the richest musicians in Kenya and East Africa.

In future, he is estimated to be the Richest musician in Kenya if he continues with this trend of growth.

His You Tube channel is growing very fast and he is getting endorsements right, left.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Bahati charge per show?

Bahati charges not less than KES 600,000 per show.

Who is the Richest Kenyan Musician

Bahati is currently considered to be the Richest and most famous Kamba musician in Kenya.

Who is the best musician in Ukambani

The Richest musician in Ukambani is Bahati


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