How to book SGR

In this article, we shall learn how to book SGR aiming to provide a guide on how to book SGR tickets to ensure no difficulties in the travel experience.

Brief description of SGR

The Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) has improved the means of transport by offering a convenient and efficient mode of transportation.

The SGR is one of the most used means of transport. For you to purchase a ticket you should book it three days to seven days before your desired travel date.

There are nine SGR stations between Nairobi and Mombasa. They include:

  • • Syokimau(Nairobi terminus) located in Syokimau Suburb, south of jomokenyatta international airport.
    • Arthi River located in Machakos county.
    • Email located in fast growing Email town in Makueni county.
    • Kibwezi located in kibwezi town.
    • Mtito Andei located at Mtito Andei town in Makueni county
    • Voi located in Voi town Largest town in Taita Taveta
    • Miaseny located near Mariakani.
    • Mariakani lies on the boundary of Kaloleni and Kinango district.
    • Miritini (Mombasa Terminus) located in Mombasa.

The SGR system operates two classes of trains. They include:

  • • The economy class
    • The first class

The economy class offers comfortable seating at an affordable price for everyone.

Adults pay Kes 1,500 , Children between (3-22 yrs) KES 750and those who are below 3 years is Free.

The first class offers the best experience for those who do not have the challenges of affording enough luxury.

Adults traveling in first class pay KES 4,500, Children between (3-11 yrs) pay KES 2,250 and children below 3 travel for free.

By using SGR it offers the best travel options, flexible payment and one can enjoy the convenience without any difficulties.
The following are methods of booking SGR:

1. Booking via online

Online booking is one of the most convenient ways of booking SGR tickets through the official Kenya Railways website.

While booking online ensure you follow the following steps.

  •  Visit the official SGR website for the booking section.
    • Select your departure and arrival station.
    Select dates and times for travel.
    • Choose your preferred class and the number of passengers
    • Select your preferred payment method.
    • The website accepts credit/debit cards and services such as M-pesa.
    After the payment, you are guaranteed to receive a message via SMS or Email which you have to present while boarding.

2. Booking at an SGR station

For those who encounter challenges while booking online, You can visit the station and manage to purchase your ticket. You can visit the ticketing counters at the at the Nairobi or Mombasa terminus

3. How to book SGR via phone

Using your phone to book an SGR ticket offers the best alternative for travelers.
Guide on how to book an SGR ticket.

1. Contact Kenya Railways Customer service

If you want to book dial the Kenya Railways customer services hotline by using USSD *639#.

2. Provide your travel details

Since you are now connected with customer services provide you with travel details which include:

  • Departure and arrival station for instance from Nairobi to Mombasa
  • Class details that are either the economy class or the first class
  • Number of passengers

3. Check availability and fare

Customer service will check the availability of tickets for your chosen date, time, and class to ensure that they confirm the accountable fare for your journey based on the details given.

4.Passager information

After the booking, each needs to give his or her personal details to enhance efficiency and accuracy. The details needed include:

  • Full name of the passenger
  • ID number or a passport
  • Contact information which may be your email or phone number.

5.Booking confirmation

After your payment is successfully paid you will receive an SMS that includes your booking reference number, travel details, and the guide for ticket collection.

6. Pick your tickets

Since you made your payment successfully you are supposed to pick up your tickets from the designated ticketing counter at SGR station before your dates of travel to confirm the identification.

Tips to consider while booking SGR

  • Book your ticket in advance
  • Check your ticket details
  • Ensure you arrive earlier 
  • Be sure with Travel dates


Kenya Railways is committed to providing the country with safe, reliable,, and efficient railway transport services.

Each adult of 18 years and above must provide a valid ID or passport number. No two adult passengers of 18 years and above can share the same ID/Passport number on the same train.
The railways master plan sets out to transform the national railway network through the rolling out of the mass commuter rail system for the country’s metropolis and the construction of the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) network.

The Kenya Railways corporation is guided by probity and the highest business ethics in carrying out our business. They operate as a team and fully subscribe to the principles of teamwork as a key attribute to achieving their objectives.


1. Can I change or cancel My SGR Ticket?

You can modify or cancel your SGR ticket, subject to the terms and conditions outlined by Kenya Railways.

However, changes can cause additional fees, and refund policies vary based on the time of cancellation and ticket type. It is advisable to contact Kenya Railways or visit their website for specific guidelines regarding ticket refunds.

2. Are There Discounts for Children and Senior Citizens?

Yes, children and senior citizens are eligible for discounted SGR fares. Kenya Railways offers special rates for children aged between 3 and 11 years old, as well as senior citizens aged 60 years and above.

To avail of these discounts, passengers must provide valid identification or proof of age during ticket purchase.

3. What Happens After You Book The SGR?

Once you book the SGR, you will receive a text message with your E-ticket number.
If you don’t receive the confirmation message, you can still find the E-ticket number in your M-Pesa payment message.

You’ll need this ticket number to print your SGR ticket. Please note that you must have your original ID during travel.

4. Which Items Are Prohibited at the SGR?

You won’t be allowed to enter the SGR with:
Sharp objects like knives
Sprays with inflammable signs, like perfumes.
Pets like birds, chickens, rabbits.

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