Ngong Hills Entrance Fee

Ngong Hills Entrance Fee

This post identifies Ngong Hills Entrance Fee. Also, it identifies the location of Ngong Hills, the activities that can be done here and their prices.

Ngong Hills is among the Best Places to Visit in Kajiado County. It is located less than 40 Kilometres from the Central Business District of Nairobi. Below is a table that shows the Entrance Fee/Entry Fee to Ngong Hills. The charges apply during the high season and low season.


Category Charges
Resident Adults KES 480
Non-Resident Adults KES 696
Resident Children KES 160
Non-Resident Children KES 160
Resident Children with School Uniform KES 60
Non-Resident Children with School Uniform KES 160


Ngong Hills Activities and Prices

Ngong Hills is one of the Best Recreational Spots in Nairobi. It offers a range of fun activities that are affordable and fun. Below is a list of Ngong Hills Activities and their Prices.

1. Ziplining

Ziplining is a thrilling activity that will give you a sense of  adrenaline rush. The combination of height and speed can create an exciting and exhilarating feeling. For the best ziplining experience in Nairobi, you should highly consider Ngong Hills. This activity is offered by Kompass Restaurant.

The charges for ziplining at Ngong Hills is KES 1,000 for a distance of 200 metres.

2. Archery

Archery is a sport that involves shooting arrows using a bow. Over the past years, this sport has gained alot of fame.

At Ngong Hills, you can be able to experience the fun that comes along with archery. The charges of archery at Ngong Hill is KES 1,000 for 20 arrows.

3. Hiking

Ngong Hills is one of the best hiking spots in Kajiado County. This spot is suitable for beginner and intermediate hikers. The highest hill rises to an eleavation of 8,000 feet or 2,460 metres.

In order to hike Ngong Hills, you need to pay 200 KES. In case you need a tour guide, you will have to pay an additional KES 3,00

4. Horse Riding

Horse Riding is another fun activity you can engage in at Ngong Hills. Upon my visit, I found this to be the most challenging but fun activity. One of the best things about riding horses at Ngong Hills is that the horses are well trained and temperent.

If you would like to learn how to ride horses, I highly suggest you should visit this spot. The charges for riding a horse at Ngong Hills in KES 6,550 per hour for Residents and USD 70 per hour for non-residents.

5. Camping

Camping is a fun activity that involves spending time in the natural environment including sleeping under tents and cooking with fire. At Ngong Hills, you can be able to experience the magic of camping at an affordable fee of KES 1,000 per adult.

For the best camping experience, I highly recommend you to try Shams Eco Camp or Chemi Chemi Tented Camp. I assure you, your first visit to this magical site will not be the last

6. Quad Biking

Ngong Hills is an excellent place to experience the thrill that comes along with riding Quad Bikes. The mixed riding trails including open fields and hilly areas are perfect for quad biking.

Point to Note: In case you are wondering what a Quad Bike is, it is an ATV or a motorized vehicle that is designed for off-road use. It has four low-pressure tires, handlebars for steering, and a straddle seat for the rider.

The charges for riding a Quad Bike at Ngong Hills is KES 1,000 for 10 minutes.

7. Photography and Video Shooting

Ngong Hills offers the perfect backdrop to take pictures. The skyscrapers in Nairobi city and the valley below offer scenic views that are uncomparable. My pictures at Ngong Hills are nothing but pure bliss. For memorable backgrounds, you should try out Ngong Hills.

Photography charges at Ngong Hills are KES 1,160 per day.

On the other hand, video shooting charges are KES 2,500 per day.


Picknicking is not only a fun activity but it is also romantic activity. For only KES 200, you can be able to have a picnic, enjoy the scenic views, and have a glimpse of Nairobi’s skyline together with your loved one.

Picknicking at Ngong Hills is also fun because you get to meet up with other picknickers, and together you can do social activities together including sharing strories, experiences and playing football.

Bonus Activities

Asides from the above activities, you can also engage in wall climbing and high ropes.

In case you are hungry, there is a restaurant nearby that serves quality and authentic food. At Kompass Restaurant, food is served while it is sizzling hot and fresh!

Other pros about this restaurant is that it has waiters who are very quick with their feet and hands. They offer fast service. Another pro is that this restaurant offers good views and the meals are affordable.

Why You Should Visit Ngong Hills

Visiting Ngong Hills is one of the best decisions you can ever make in this life. The place is serene and has the perfect ambiance for you to relax and forget all your troubles for a while.

In case you like to socialize, the best days of the week to visit Ngong Hills are during the weekends when the place is crowded with people and cars.

On weekedays, Ngong Hills is less crowded and there is enough time for you to try all the activities mentioned above.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much is Hiking at Ngong Hills?

The charges for hiking at Ngong Hills in KES 200

Ngong Hills Hike Distance

The total distance around Ngong Hills is 12 Kilometres

Ngong Hills Activities and Prices

Category Charges
Ziplining KES 1,000 for 200 meters
Bike riding KES 500 for 3 hours
Archery KES 1,000 for 20 arrows
Picnic KES 200
Hiking KES 200
Video Shooting KES 2,500
Filming KES 40,000
Horse Riding for residents KES 6,550 per hour
Horse Riding for non-residents USD 70 per hour
Camping fees KES 1,000 per adult
Photography KES 1,160
Quad biking KES 1,000 for ten minutes


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