Clubs in Kitengela

Clubs in Kitengela

Clubs in Kitengela

In this article, we shall explore the best clubs in Kitengela that offer the best entertainment to the customers.

Brief description of Kitengela clubs

Kitengela is a town in Kajiando county that is located just 30 km South of Nairobi Central District. The general cost of Kitengela is not as high as other towns in Kenya.

Kitengela clubs offer the diverse experience of catering and providing a welcoming atmosphere that is cozy to all target audiences.

Many clubs in Kitengela are widely renowned for their music, welcoming ambiance, and drawing crowds of both local and incoming visitors to the bars.

For all those who are looking for a place to enjoy the cool scenic view and relax Kitengela clubs have a place for you all.

The clubs offer the best performance with the best DJs providing a good vibe of entertainment. The nightclubs host different themed nights and special events that keep the audience visiting the night spot daily.

Clubs in Kitengela create diverse tastes and memorable experiences for each and everyone who visits the place. The following are the best clubs in Kitengela.

1 . Club 034

Club 034 is one of the best nightclubs in Kitengela. It is divided into different sections, but all you get is that flight atmosphere in each section.

There is an economy section and first class, and they have the VVIP section being the cockpit.

Club 034 location:
Namanga road
Club 034 phone:

2 . Pavilion XV

Pavilion XV is one of the best clubs in Kitengela that is highly changing the face of Kitengela. It is located 3km from Kitengela.

It has a wide range of entertainment throughout the night providing the best experience of the nightclubs.

Pavilion XV location:
Namanga road
Pavilion XV phone:

3. Avarione Lounge

Are you looking for the best place to spend your night? Avarione is one of the best clubs in Kitengela which is widely renowned due to it’s program of doing things.

It has thematic events where they have the Wednesday for ladies, Thursday for African band, Friday reggae, Saturday party, and Sunday Karaoke which helps in maintaining their clients.

Avarione lounge location:
Tarikville mall Kitengela
Avarione lounge phone:

4. Baileys Club

Baileys Club is one of the best nightclubs in Kitengela that has a very clean atmosphere and very fast customer service.

For all who are looking for a space to spend the night, it has the best mash-up of afro-beats, R&B, and great Hip Hops.
It consists of various liquors and a whole lot of expensive drinks to choose from.

Baileys club location:
Bailey’s club phone:

5. Bistro Lounge

Bistro Lounge has very beautiful scenery that suits every customer’s interests. It is one of the best clubs in Kitengela.

For those who are looking to make new friends at the club, they have a large space where you can interact with new people from different localities and tribes.

They offer a private space if you are there with a friend for a private conversation, or if you want privacy while parting.It is located just a few meters from Club 360.

They have live bands and local performing artists. The customer service is warm and fast. The nyama choma is from goat meat, well spiced. They offer whiskey and all types of beer.

In this place, you can celebrate your birthday party since it has a nice ambiance.

Bistro lounge location:
Namanga road, Kitengela
Bistro lounge phone:

6. The Club Backyard

The club’s backyard is one of the best clubs in Kitengela where you will enjoy having drinks in an open area. They have additional seats with tents in the area too.

At the backyard bar, you enjoy the fresh air and you can dance to the slow music that gets louder as the night gets by.

It has clean washrooms and a dining area and has a great atmosphere and good and delightful bartender services.
They include the following drinks:
• Beer
• Spirits
• Wine
• Non-alcoholic beverages.
Backyard Club has the best serene environment and offers an electric nightlife. It becomes home to those looking to enjoy themselves while eating the famous Nyama Choma.

Club backyard location:
GXG6+537, Old Namanga Rd
Club backyard phone:

7. Club D Kitengela

Club D Kitengela is one of the clubs that attracts the largest crowds. For those who are along Namanga Road, you will have the opportunity to try Club D.

The address for this place is GXG6+42X, Old Namanga Rd, Athi River. They have achieved a perfect Google rating of 5.0 stars.
The security is very tight since they have the highest security measures put in place.

Club D Kitengela location:
Namanga road
Club D Kitengela phone:

8.Halcyon Lounge and Grill

Halcyon Lounge is one of the best clubs in Kitengela that provides the best services in the town. It is very friendly to customers and has a welcoming atmosphere for everyone.

The night spot is widely renowned due to hosting a whole range of celebrities hanging here to make appearances or just to enjoy their evenings. It works 24 hours and has a nice parking space. Partying never ends here.

Halcyon Lounge location:
Next to Club TC, off Namanga Rd
Halcyon lounge phone:

9.Club Nomads Kitengela

Club Nomads, one of the oldest clubs in Kitengela, is renowned for its delectable food and Maasai beverages. Following a recent renovation, it has become a highly-rated and cozy spot with comfortable sofas, perfect for spending quality time with your loved ones.

Due to its welcoming appearance,e it has gained Club Nomads popularity, attracting customers who seek sophistication. ,
The club employs a delightful and hospitable bartender who values respect and ensures customer contentment.

The nomads are located at the coordinates GXC5+Q8R, between Nairobi and Namanga, specifically in the Athi River.  The rating for this place is 3.9 stars.

Club Nomads Kitengela location:
GXC5+O8R, Namanga Rd
Club Nomads Kitengela phone:

10.Quiver lounge Kitengela

Quiver lounge is one of the best clubs in Kitengela that offers the best night memories. It has an intimate setting, friendly staff, and an electric music section that provides a section for all visitors.

With Quiver Lounge you are guaranteed the best entertainment from the renowned DJs.
Quiver Lounge hosts themed events throughout the week that maintain its target audience and also make special events such as the Valentine’s party.

Quiver lounge location:
Namanga Rd, Kitengela
Quiver lounge phone:


1.Which are the best clubs in Kitengela?

• Quiver lounge Kitengela
• Club Nomads
• Club 034
• Halcyon Lounge and grill
• Bistro

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