Funzi Island

Funzi Island

Funzi Island

Are you looking for a serene environment to enjoy with few people away from other tourists? Funzi Island is the place to be at.

In this article, we will explore the great Funzi Island and unveil the gem in detail.

Funzi Island Location

It is located in Funzi, 75 kilometres south of Mombasa and Diani. It is found in Kwale County.

How to get to Funzi Island 

There are choices to choose from. You can get there by road, air or by sea.

Public Transport

Board a bus at Likoni terminus which is located at Lungalunga Ramisi road.

While at Ramisi junction board a taxi or motorbike alias as bodaboda to Bodo village. This village is the gateway that will lead you to Funzi Island.

Private transport

From Nairobi, this is a long trip that may take hours. You can choose to take a flight to the place or use a personal car for the same.

However, for fun reasons, it is better to book the travel with a travel agency. This way, you get to reduce the costs of travel and preparations.

You can book your travel with Zunguka Africa Safaris for the best experience and avoidance of confusions.

The best time to Visit Funzi Island

From the end of June through December, whales migrate significantly along the Kenyan Coast. This is a good time to watch as the activity takes place while on a boating trip on the outskirts of Funzi Island.

Also, July through October and January until February are the best times to visit Mombasa as the sky has few if any, clouds, and sunshine is abundant.

Attractions at Funzi Island

  • Ramisi River 
  • Mangrove Forest
  • Sandbank
  • Mwakinyevu Beach
  • Funzi Village

Funzi Island Activities

There are numerous activities to venture into while at Funzi Island;

1. Kayaking

Here you get a brief training before starting. It is one of the unique experiences.

The activity of gliding silently through the flooded forests and keeping an eye out for the birdlife and other forms of wildlife such as oysters, crabs and mudskippers.

2. Dhow riding

Funzi Island can only be accessed by boat or air. Once here, you can go for dhow rides and savour the prepossessing marine life as you sail to the horizon

3. Crocodile Safaris

Make sure that you go to the nearby Ramisi River for a crocodile safari. These God-made creatures are amazing to watch. Since a guide will be provided, you will have the best time learning about these sea creatures.

4. Swim at The Sandbanks

What is the essence of visiting a beautiful island destination and leaving without taking a dip? Swim at the natural sandbanks just offshore the Funzi village in the clear blue waters and later bathe in the sand at the shores as you bask.

5. Ensure You See Sea Turtles

This Island is Kenya’s best nesting site for a variety of sea turtles such as green turtles. You can plan your visit around the time when baby turtles are hatching.

You would be doing yourself no justice if you leave without seeing the beautiful turtles.

6. Cultural Tour In Funzi Village

Funzi Island is small and within it is Funzi Village which has around 1500 people. The cultural tour will help you get familiar with and enjoy the Swahili culture first-hand.

They will also teach you their culture.

7. Bird watching

While at Funzi Island you take a journey of spectacular view of different bird species flying above. The nests they build give a heavenly feeling and a nice watch.

8. Boat riding

Take a boat trip to Funzi Island and enjoy a full-day excursion along the Ramisi river for a chance to see crocodiles, mangrove forests, and numerous birdlife.

You can also be taught how to boat ride, who knows!

9. Creek fishing

For those who love fishing, on the Island, the waters are calm which is the best for fishing.

It becomes more interesting when you join the local people and you are shown their ways of fishing using the canoes and the dhows.

10. Engage in beach activities

Funzi Island has the Mwakinyevu beach which gives an idyllic feeling, The sun-kissed waters give a healing that makes people always want to be at Mwakinyevu.

At the lowest tides, there is the Funzi ‘Lost Paradise’ that is covered by sand bars. Here you sand bath and swim at your own peril.

Accommodation Services while at Funzi Island

While on the Island, you can enjoy accommodation services at Funzi Keys Lodge. With Airbnb’s services, your stay is guaranteed. They are well equipped with the latest and modern equipment.

The services offered are pocket-friendly and amazing.

For the people who love camping, you can come with your tent or the lodge will provide one for you.

However, this is crucial since before you get to the lodge, you seek consent to come with your tents so that there will be prior preparations. If the tents are to be provided, you also give the details before arriving at the lodge.

Charges at for accomodation. (East African residents)
Meal plan Bed only Halfboard
Per Person sharing KES 5,500 KES 8,500
Single Room supplement KES 3’000.– KES 3,000
Extra bed KES 2’000.– KES 5,500

You can also stretch out to AfroChic Diani,  Mikoko Cove Ecolodge, Funzi Bay, Kiloran Funzi House  and also Alfajiri Villas.


In conclusion, Funzi Island is one of the Best Islands to visit. The fact that it is less populated when compared with other Islands makes it a favourable destination.

In case you are looking for a beautiful Island that is full of fun activities in the coastal parts of Kenya, Funzi Island is the best place to be.


1. Who owns Funzi Island

Alessandro Torriani, a one-time settler at South Coast and built Funzi Keys resort which closed recently due to low tourist arrivals, is said to own Funzi and four other small islands.

2. Where is Funzi Island Located at

Funzi Island is part of a small archipelago off the coast of Kwale County, south of Mombasa in the Indian Ocean.

3. Is there accommodation at Funzi Island

Visit the Funzi Keys lodge for accommodation services.

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