Mombasa Island

Mombasa Island

This blog post talks about Mombasa Island. It identifies its location, and fun activities to do.

Mombasa Island is arguably the most famous Island in Kenya. It is also part of the smallest county (Mombasa County) covering an area of less than 300 Km²

Without further ado, here is all you need to know about Mombasa Island

Mombasa Island Size

Mombasa Island is about 5 Kilometres long and 3 Kilometres wide. It is connected to the main land through a causeway.

Mombasa Location

Mombasa is a Coastal City that is located in the South Eastern Coast of Kenya.

The Island is further sub-divided into sub-counties namely Likoni, Nyali, Jomvu, Kisauni, Changamwe, and Mvita.

Fun Activities to do in Mombasa Island

Below is a list of the fun activities you can expect to do in Mombasa Island.

Fort Jesus

Fort Jesus is one of the best historical sites to visit in Kenya. It was built by the Portuguese in between the years 1593 to 1596 to protect the Port of Mombasa.

Fort Jesus is opened daily from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm

Below is a table that shows the Entrance Fees to Fort Jesus. The charges apply to Citizens, Residents, Non-Residents.

Mama Ngina Waterfront

The newly built Mama Ngina Waterfront is one of the best fun places you can ever visit in Mombasa.

It is built on a 26 acre piece of land.

Some of the activities you can enjoy while here include;

  • Jogging
  • Riding
  • Leisure Resting
  • Picnicking
  • Boat Riding
  • Water Sports e.g Jet Skiing, Kayaking, and paddleboarding

There are no entrance fees to access Mama Ngina Waterfront. Entry is free.

Asides from these activities, Mama Ngina Waterfront is also a good place to attend cultural activities and festivities.

Enjoy a Ferry Ride at Likoni

If by any chance you want to enjoy a ferry ride in Mombasa Island, the best place to go is Likoni Ferry.

The Likoni Ferry is free of charge. It is used to ferry people from Mombasa Island to the mainland and back.

On the downside, the Likoni Ferry is normally crowded with people and sometimes it can get very busy.

Mombasa Golf Course

Mombasa Golf is the best place to enjoy playing golf in Mombasa Island. It is located in downtown Kizingo and covers an area of around 9 acres.

One unique thing about this golf course is that it is surrounded by coral reefs, this makes it a very beautiful place.

Visit the Old Town

Mombasa Old Town is one of the best places to visit in Mombasa Island.

The old town is a good place to learn about the Swahili Culture, experience the taste of street food and learn more about Swahili and Arab civilization.

Another amazing thing to do in Mombasa Old Town is to take pictures with a background of the swahili architectural buildings.

Visit Mombasa Butterfly House

Mombasa Butterfly House is one of the most beautiful and romantic places to visit in Mombasa. It is located next to Fort Jesus.

At Mombasa Butterfly House, tourists get to learn more about butterflies, their survival and how their survival is dependent on the Kaya forests.

Other common activities common at Mombasa Butterfly House include observing insects and planting flowers.

Mombasa Yacht Club

Mombasa Yacht Clubs is a sports complex that is located at Kilindini harbour. It has a Google Rating of 4.3 Stars after more than 300 Google Reviews.

If you are interested in sailing, this should be your number one spot. It is located along the Taid Bin Nasir Road.

In case you do not know how to sail, worry not! There are trainers who are going to teach you how to evolve from being a beginner sailer to a professional sailor.

Asides from sailing, Mombasa Yacht Club is also a good spot to hold events such as birthdays, bridal showers, weddings and anniversaries. For reservations, ensure you contact them through the following phone number +(254) 729 39 65 63

Experience the Mombasa Nightlife

A visit to Mombasa Island is not complete until you experience Mombasa Night Life. At the moment, there are several high end clubs in Mombasa that can give you an experience that you have never had before.

Upon my visit to Mombasa Island, I would say that the best clubs are Casablanca and Signature. All of these clubs have waiters who are professional, play good music and have a counter that is stocked with a variety of drinks.

Other Fun Places Near Mombasa Island

Other fun places near Mombasa Island include

  • Wild Waters (This is the biggest water park in East and Central Africa)
  • Haller Park and Nguuni Nature Sanctuary at Bamburi
  • Mombasa Marine Park (Get to view a variety of Marine life including star fish, sea turtles and crabs)
  • Play with water at Nyali Beach
  • Visit Mamba Village Centre


Mombasa is one of the Best Islands to Visit in Kenya if not the best. According to a recent survey, it was reported that Mombasa is the most toured Island in Kenya and East Africa.

If case you are looking for the best spots to visit in Mombasa Island, I highly recommend you should try out Mama Ngina Waterfront, Mombasa Butterfly House and the Mombasa Yacht Club.

All the best in your tour!

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