10 Fun Activities to do in Cyprus Park

10 Fun Activities to do in Cyprus Park

Here is a list of 10 Fun Activities to do in Cyprus Park.

Last week, I decided to travel to Nakuru City and experience some of the fun activities it offers.

A stranger recommended me to visit Cyprus Park. He insisted that a visit to Nakuru is incomplete without experiencing all the fun in this spot.

Upon visiting this spot, I would say that this place really lived to the hype. I had so much fun.

Below are 10 exciting Activities to do in Cyprus Park. I assure you that your visit to this amusement park will not the be last.

10 Fun Things to do in Cyprus Park


Swimming is one of the best activities you can do in Cyprus Park.

In case you would like to swim in a half-olympic size swimming pool that has clean and clear waters, you should definitely consider this amusement park.

Another good thing about the swimming pool at Cyprus Park is that it has lanes to prevent swimmers from bumping into each other. It also has lifeguards on every corner to guarantee the safety of the swimmers.

The charges for swimming at Cyprus Park is KES 400 for both adults and children.

Enjoy the Thrill of Some Rides

Cyprus Park is home to a several fun rides. They include; Drifters, Bumper Cars, Kiddies Cars and Train Rides.

Riding the Bumper Cars and Drifters was so much fun. It also gave me adrenaline rush. The charges for riding the Bumpers and Drifters is KES 300 while the charges for riding the train ride and the Kiddies is KES 400.

Play Archery

Playing archery is one of the most underrated fun activities in Kenya.

On my visit to Cyprus Park, it was my first time to play archery. Let me tell you, this sport is pure fun. I wish I had discovered it earlier.

Tbe charges for playing archery at Cyprus Park is KES 300 per player.

Other fun games to play related to archery include; darts, billiards and table tennis.

Point to Note: Archery is a sport that involves using a bow to shoot an arrow at a target.

Horse Riding

Horse Riding is definitely one of the best activities you can expect to do in Cyprus Park.

One of the best things about the horses at Cyprus Park is that they are well trained. They are not violent. Upon my ride, I would consider riding them to be 100 percent safe.

The charges for riding a horse at Cyprus Park is KES 200 per ride.

Ride Quad Bikes

Quad Bikes also known as ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles) are small, motorized four-wheeled vehicles that are designed for for off road use.

Riding Quad Bikes is considered to be a fun activity because it’s like having your own off-road adventure, and exploring the trails.

I loved riding the Quad Bikes because I would feel the wind in my face, and I enjoyed the thrill of maneuvering through different types of terrain.

Cyprus Park is one of the best places to ride a Quad Bike because it has different types of terrain including smooth dirt paths and muddy terrains.

Play Video Games

Playing video games is a fulfilling way to relieve or manage your stress.

Video games offer a diverse range of experiences, from thrilling action and immersive storytelling to strategic thinking and social interaction.

Personally, I like to play video games because they give me a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction as I progress through challenges and achieve goals within the game.

I like car racing and fight games a lot!

At Cyprus Park, you can enjoy playing a number of video games for a small fee of just KES 200 per hour.

For VR games (Virtual Reality), you will be required to pay KES 300.

Roller Skating

This is the only activity I did not get to try out at all. Its not because I dislike this activity but I simply ran out of time. By the time I wanted to try it out, it was dusk. The sun had set and it was time to go home.

For those who like to roller skate, you should definitely try it out at Cyprus Park. The charges for roller skating are KES 200 per hour if you have you own skates. In case not, you will be required to hire a pair of skate shoes for KES 100.


Socializing is another fun activity you can do at Cyprus Park.

Everyday, this amusement park is normally full of visitors who come to experience the fun and thrill that it offers.

If by any chance you like to socialize and meet new people, this is a good spot to start with. However, do not over do it as people will consider you to be weird.

Enjoy a Massage

At Cyprus Park, visitors get a chance to replenish or renew their energy by getting a massage at the park’s spa.

One of the best things about Cyprus Park’s spa is that they have hired some of the best masseuses in Nakuru City.

These masseuses can be able to provide a variety of massage services including Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and Hot Stone Massage just to mention a few.

Face Painting for Kids

This is a fun activity for kids. Through face painting, they can be anyone they wish. They could be Batman, Spider Man, or Wonder Woman. The charges for face painting at Cyprus Park is KES 200.

Cyprus Park Location

Cyprus Park is located in the outskirts of Nakuru town. It can be found along the Stanley Mathenge Road (approximately 5.2 Kilometres from the Central Business District of Nakuru town)

Some of the landmarks you can identify with Cyprus Park include Reliable Concrete Works and the Kenya Forest Service.

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