Village Market Restaurants

Village Market Restaurants

Village Market Restaurants

Whether you’re a food enthusiast, a cultural explorer, or someone seeking a peaceful retreat, Village Market beckoned with a variety of flavors, ambiance, and the promise of unforgettable dining experiences got your back.

As you traverse the winding lanes of this charming locale, be prepared to be captivated by the culinary wonders that await, making Village Market a destination not just for food, but for the soul.

Located on the outskirts of the city, Village Market is a hidden gem that guarantees the feeling of tranquility coupled with a unique blend of rustic charm.

1. Harvest Restaurant

Harvest restaurant offers a world-class interior ambience, as you enjoy watching your meal prepared in their open-plan kitchen.The high level of hygiene is unmatched, with the cleanest kitchen and washrooms you will ever find anywhere. With a google rating of 5 stars and 728 google reviews the warm lights, cozy chairs, and friendly staff are just a few of the things you will get to enjoy.

You also get the opportunity to have a one-on-one with the chef while placing your order. The all-time favorite dish is the giant burger, served with two bowls of fries (seasoned and plain), a bowl of salad, and sauces (mayonnaise and ketchup).

Adding to their menu is seafood that is prepared with the best cooks at the restaurant.

Harvest Restaurant Address

Second Floor, The Village Market

Harvest Restaurant Contacts

+(254) 732 186 215

2. Khazana the home of Indian Curries & Grill

For the lovers of Indian food and Indian experience, Khazana is the place to be while at Village Market premises. For the, vegetarians, or non-vegetarian and vegan, their stomach needs are taken care of by Khazana takes your mouth on a quick trip to India and back. It has a google rating of 4.2 stars after a total review 200 reviews.

What sets this establishment apart is its ability to provide a classy and relaxed atmosphere, ensuring customers enjoy their breakfast in comfort. The emphasis on affordability doesn’t compromise the overall experience, making khazana a go-to choice for a well-balanced and budget-friendly morning meal

For the lovers of spiced chicken, I would advise you to try their chili garlic chicken. It leaves you craving for more.

Khazana restaurant Address

Food Court and Ground Floor Old Wing, The Village Market

Khazana restaurant Contacts

 (+254) 727 329 937


3. Karel T-Lounge Restaurant

Karel caters to foodies of all ages. They have carefully crafted menu that caters fo all meat lovers like, vegans, and vegetarians. White meat being the best variety of meat that guarantees good health unlike red meat, Karel T lounge guarantees an unforgetable taste of experience.

With a google rating of 4 stars after a total review 65 reviews, you would also seriously consider their pork chops, and mixed sea food grill.

Karel T-Lounge Restaurant Address

First Floor New Wing, The Village Market

Karel T-Lounge Restaurant Contacts

+(254) 746 619 463


4. Spring Noshery Restaurant

Known for its istingished affordabilit an sophisyication, Spring Noshery is always ready to give a personalised feeling of breakfast.

The Spring Breakfast, touted as the most economical breakfast combo within the mall, is designed to fully satiate your appetite without straining your budget. It has a google rating of 4.2 stars after a total review 200 reviews. Beyond the cost-effectiveness, what truly sets this breakfast option apart is the exceptional setup that provides a haven of comfort and relaxation, elevating the enjoyment of your meal to a whole new level.

Spring Noshery Restaurant Address

New Wing, Between Pizza Hut & RocoMama

Spring Noshery Restaurant Contacts

+254 714 118 112


5. CJ’s restaurant

With over 300 items on the menu, CJ’s restaurant arguably remains to be the one place you can visit and enjoy all their dishes any time of the day. Their Mexican pizza is worth dying for though, especially since it’s made unique by adding cheese in the crust. It has a google rating of 5 stars after a total review 1546 reviews.

You will also enjoy their flavored cold drinks, especially the Mojitos which will guarantee the value of your money

CJ’s restaurant Address

Ground Floor New Wing & First Floor Old Wing, The Village Market

CJ’s restaurant Contacts

 +(254) 799 000090 , +(254) 796 000090


6.The Local Grill Restaurant

This is the perfect designation for grill lovers.Whether you love your steak wet and juicy or simply dry, the Local Grill is the perfect dining destination for your date or social group. Of all their grill options on the menu, the beef segment is the most eye catching. This is evident by the google rating of 4 stars after a total review 79 reviews.

The perfectly grilled beef ramp simply melts in your mouth, which you can have with a side dish of your own choosing.

Local Grill Restaurant Address

First Floor New Wing, The Village Market

Local Grill Restaurant Contacts

 +(254) 757 130 061 , +(254) 746 860 650


7. Hero Restaurant village market

The thematic essence of the restaurant revolves around four captivating comic superheroes, each contributing a unique flair to the dining experience: Chef Chops, Spyce, Honeytooth, and Big Mama. It has a google rating of 5 stars after a total review 456 reviews.

This distinctive theme adds an engaging layer to the establishment, creating an immersive atmosphere that sets it apart from conventional dining venues. The presence of these superheroes not only adds a creative touch but also infuses a sense of excitement and playfulness into the restaurant’s ambiance.

Hero Restaurant Address

 Village Market, 9th Floor, Trademark Hotel Village Market

Hero Restaurant Contacts

 +(254) 732 186 666

8. Artcaffe Restaurant village market

Artcaffe is renowned for providing a delightful dining experience, offering a diverse menu that caters to breakfast, lunch, and dinner enthusiasts in a truly enchanting ambiance. It has a google rating of 4.7 stars after a total 74 reviews.

This establishment stands out not only for its culinary offerings but also for its unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service, a trait that sets it apart in the highly competitive restaurant industry. The fusion of delectable food and top-notch service creates a perfect harmony that contributes to the overall excellence of Artcaffe.

Artcaffe Restaurant Address

Ground Floor New Wing & First Floor Old Wing, The Village Market

Artcaffe Restaurant Contacts

 +(254) 712 143 839


9. RocoMama’s restaurant village market

Prepare your taste buds for an unparalleled gastronomic experience as RocoMamas introduces you to the most sumptuous burgers that will undoubtedly redefine your burger standards.

The towering stacks of mouth-watering goodness, enriched with locally sourced fillings, stand as a testament to the culinary excellence that sets these burgers apart from the ordinary. Each bite is a journey into a realm of flavors where quality and taste converge, creating an irresistible symphony that leaves an indelible mark. It has a google rating of 4.5 stars after a total review 132.

In essence, RocoMamas isn’t just a burger joint; it’s a culinary haven where every element, from the towering burgers to the tantalizing wings, is crafted with a dedication to providing patrons with an extraordinary dining adventure. So, if you’re in the pursuit of unparalleled flavor and culinary satisfaction, RocoMamas is the destination that promises to exceed your expectations and leave you craving for more.

Rocomama’s  restaurant Address

Ground Floor New Wing & First Floor Old Wing, The Village Market

Rocomama’s restaurant Contact

+(254) 743 162 600

10. Masala Kitchen Restaurant

Masala Kitchen present the concept of modern indian culinary excellence– unedited and unapologetically authentic. Diners will be taken on taste trip to the oldest flavors of India, with intense and intoxicating dishes and aromas made in a hand-crafted manner. Using only the freshest top-quality ingredients and chefs trained in the traditional Indian school of cooking, we bring to you a truly unique sensory experience. This has garnered it a total of 65 reviews and 3.5 star rating on google.

Masala kitchen Address

Entertainment Quarter (EQ) Village market

Masala Kithen Contacts

+(254) 96180135


1. Restaurants at Village market

Harvest Restaurant

RocoMamas Restaurant

Masala kitchen Restaurant

2. Entertainment quaters restaurants at Villae Market

Masala Kitchen Restaurant

3. Affordable restaurants at Village Market

Artcaffe Restaurant

Hero Restaurant

Local grill Restaurant

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