Wasini Island

Wasini Island

Wasini Island

This blog post talks about Wasini Island. It identifies where its location, the activities partaken there and the specialities of this place. 

Wasini is among the Best Islands to Visit in Kenya. It has some of the best beaches and waters around. These waters act as a home to sea creatures like the whales, dolphins and the tropical fish.

All these make it to be ranked among the hidden gems in Kenya you can access at any moment.

Wasini Island Location

Wasini island lies in southeast Kenya 3 kilometers off the coast of the Indian Ocean, 75 kilometers south of Mombasa, and 3 kilometers opposite the harbor of the village Shimoni.

How to get to Wasini Island

By public means

Any overland bus will drop you at the Shimoni junction on request.

From there, matatus or boda boda are regularly going back and forth to Shimoni, a small settlement at the end of the Shimoni Peninsula. You will be welcomed at the bus stop and ferried over to Wasini Island.

By Private means

If you are coming from the North shortly after Ramisi town, head to Shimoni by the use of Google Maps. After 15 km you will reach the small town of Shimoni at the end of the Shimoni Peninsula.

Turn right at the T-junction and you will find KWS’ floating boat.

From there, you will be picked up to cross over to Wasini Island.

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Facts about Wasini Island

  • No fresh water at Wasini Island
  • No vehicles on Wasini Island
  • No roads at Wasini Island
  • No connection to the main power grid

Best time to visit Wasini Island.

The best months to visit Wasini Island, are January through December.

This is the best time because the temperatures at this time vary between 250C and 290 C and scarce rainfall.

Fun activities at Wasini Island

Known for its coral reefs and gardens that surround it, Wasini has a lot more than that to offer.

Below are the activities;


The clear and warm waters around Wasini make the place ideal for this activity.

The Island’s management allows you to rent snorkelling gear from surrounding tour operators or you can bring your own.

You get to enjoy snorkelling for 2-3 hours with a tour guide who accompanies you for lessons and safety measures if the need arises. 

Dolphin Watching

Dolphin watching is a rapidly growing business worldwide and millions of people a year take tours to see these magnificent animals in their natural environment, Wasini serves this at its best.

With boats and canoes, the guides will slow down the you can capture these beautiful sea creatures. You also get the chance to swim close to these creatures.

Scuba diving

Wasini is also great for Scuba diving which is a mode of underwater diving whereby divers use breathing equipment that is completely independent of a surface breathing gas supply.

If you are new to that activity and would love to learn how it’s done, around Wasini Island are shops that offer beginner courses for that. You also get a certificate for that.

For those already familiar with the activity, a guide will be provided for safety reasons.

Visit the coral garden

Wasini is also referred to as “Coral garden” because of the beauty of the reefs around it.

The Coral Garden is a unique community conservation project supported by the European Union and the Kenyan Government.

The corals which are over 3 metres high offer a picturesque moment. At Coral Garden, you can take great creative pictures to be Instagrammed.

Watch the Green sea turtles

While Snorkeling, you get to experience the view of the large, streamlined shell and non-retractile head and limbs of the turtles.

Since sea turtles do not pull back their limbs and head back to the shell like the land turtles, you have all the time to admire these creatures.

Visit the Kisite Mpunguti Marine National Park

This is among the Most Visited Parks in Kenya. It is also described as the most magnificent Island of all. 

It is most visited because of the beautiful fish species found around the park’s boundaries. 

Cultural Tour at Mkwiro Village

Wasini Island is small and within it is Mkwiro Village which is 2 km off the Kenyan coast. This village is easily seen while on the shores of Simoni. 

The people around will also help you with fishing and teach you the activity too while having fun. They will also teach you their culture.

Visit Shimoni caves

For history recalling, you can visit the Shimoni caves, the Swahili word for pit. While at Shimoni, which is around Wasini, you get to be reminded of the history of humanity.

The Old iron shackles, wooden crates, rusted chains, and metal studs all tell the painful story of victims of slavery.

Boat riding

Take a boat trip to Wasini Island and enjoy a full-day excursion along the Island. you get exposed for a chance to see crocodiles, mangrove forests, and numerous birdlife while on the move.

Creek fishing

For those who love fishing, on the Island, the waters are calm which is the best for fishing.

It becomes more interesting when you join the local people and you are shown their ways of fishing using the canoes and the dhows.

Where to stay while at Wasini

There are several traditional cottages which are spread out in a wild garden along the Wasini’s coastline, such as the Blue Monkey Beach Cottages where you can stay as you hear the waves crashing.

You get served with the Swahili seafood dishes on a tree-top terrace with great views of the sea and will guide you on the private boat safari or walks around the island.

Other accommodation facilities provided to the tourists include the Mpunguti Lodge, Sunrise Guest House, Banda Mlimani and many more.


In summary, the fact that Wasini Island is the best Island to visit cannot be denied. You can tag along with friends to make the journey colourful.

There are also spots for picture-taking with friends hence the place is worth the visit.


1. Is there an entrance fee at Wasini Island

The entry fee is KES 200

2. Who owns Wasini Island?

It was initially owned by Saggaf Alawys who passed it to his children. Ahmed Nassir (Grand Mullah) is the current owner.

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