Places to visit in Nyeri

Places to visit in Nyeri

Places to visit in Nyeri

Nyeri, a vibrant yet rural town located in the heart of Kenya, offers an array of experiences that will leave you yearning and desiring for more.

With a google rating of 4.5 stars after 583 reviews, its clear and promising that a lot is is to be witness in the Places to visit in Nyeri .

It has a rich history and breathtaking natural landscapes. Its a clear adventurous place for  relaxation, cultural immersers and travel enthusiasts.

Below you will find the best Places to visit in Nyeri;

1. Nyeri Museum

It is a national monument that was once used as Native Law Court.

It serves the purpose of showcasing customary law cases, previously dealt with by clan elders in the villages.

It contains an exclusive collection of artifacts depicting the life and rich culture of the Gikuyu community.

Entry is currently free, so you have no reason not to visit and learn more about Kenyan history.

Nyeri Museum – National Museums of Kenya location

Ruring’u, on the outskirts of Nyeri town


Phone: +(254) 20 3742741

2. Chaka Ranch Nyeri

With so much to offer, Chaka ranch tops the list of the Places to visit in Nyeri.

Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or just seeking a serene escape from the city, the Chaka Ranch Leisure Park is the perfect fit for you.

The vast expanse of land between the Aberdare Ranges and Mount Kenya provides breathtaking views that will leave you in awe.

For thrill-seekers, the unique outdoor entertainment facility features the largest and most extensive collection of quad bikes and buggies in Kenya.

And for families, it’s a one-stop-shop for food, drink, mouth-watering barbecues, and outdoor activities that everyone will love.

Activities in Chaka Ranch

Toto Quad Bikes( Years 3 -7: Ksh.1500)

5 laps on the Toto track, carefully assisted by the qualified staff for safety purposes.

Junior Quad Bikes (Years 8 – 12: Ksh. 2500)

Leisure park tour on junior buggies being guided by qualified escorts.

Senior Quad Bikes(Years 13+: Ksh. 3000)

You get to explore the river, forest, and Chaka dam tour on an adult-sized quad bike.

Chaka Leisure Park contacts

+(254) 738 600046, +(254)719 242 897, +(254) 719 242 885

Chaka Leisure Park Location

Kiganjo, Nyeri County

3. Common Wealth Graves

The cemetery contains 368 war burials with 349 East Africans, eight South Africans, six Britons, one Indian, one Frenchman, and four unidentified people.

Its a place that British people visit annually on November 11 to hold memorial services in remembrance of their own nationalities.

The site has neat rows of headstones in different corners that are arranged according to nationalities.

The well-kempt grass, perfectly trimmed fence, and beautiful flowers are a sight to behold.

Common Wealth Graves Location

Kiganjo, Nyeri County

Common Wealth Graves contacts

00 254 20260

4. Zaina Falls

The landscape near the falls allows a clear view of River Chania and River Zaina as they beautifully meander and confluence in the valley.

From the main road to the foot of the falls is a 1.5km hike.

Other activities include bird watching, swimming, and fishing. Zaina Falls has a relaxing environment favorable for tenting where wild animals are electrically fenced 5km above the falls.

Zaina Falls Location

10-kilometer drive from Nyeri town westwards

Zaina Falls contacts

+(254) 7 15 489 605

5. MauMau Caves Nyeri

This is one of the most adventurous places to visit in Nyeri.

The Mau Mau caves at the foothills of Mt Kenya open out to a beautiful waterfall and pass-through rocks on the Burguret River.

Once covered in a dense forest these caves are well known for their historical significance.

During Kenya’s fight struggle for independence, the Mau Mau freedom fighters used these caves to store supplies as well as hideouts from the colonial forces led by the British and the collaborators.

Mau Mau caves Location

near Nanyuki, about 199.2 km North East of Nairobi

Mau Mau caves Contacts

+(254) 721 642 553

6. Baden-Powell information Center & Museum Nyeri

One Robert Stephenson Smyth (Baden-Powell) was the founder of this center and the Chief Scout of the Global Boys Scout Association and Girls Guide.

It is part of the Pax-Tu house which Baden-Powell used to stay in while in Nyeri.

A few minutes away (In Nyeri town) is the Baden-Powell Information center and Graveyard where he was buried together with his wife.

The graveyard is a National Monument and a very important site for The Boys Scout Association and Girls Guide.

Baden Powell Location

along the Nyeri-Kamakwa road

Baden Powell contacts

+(254)746 999 84

7. Chinga Dam and Waterfall 

With so much activities, less is known about this destination. Some of the activities at the dam include boat riding, fishing and watching the sun as it rises or sinks behind the Aberdare ranges.

From the dam, you can also get great views of tea plantations which are very common in Nyeri County.

Chinga Dam and Waterfall Location

Othaya, Nyeri County

8. Wajee Nature park Nyeri

Wajee Nature Park is beautified with an array of flora and fauna. There is a total of 126 local species that have been recorded at the nature park which makes it interesting.

It is one of the most romantic Places to Visit In Nyeri as it is home to many rare forest birds.

The availability of different tree species provides a home and breeding ground for many birds.

Wajee Nature Park Location

160 Km north of Nairobi, Nyeri County

Wajee Nature Park Contacts

+(254) 7 10 705 055

9. Aberdare National Park 

Here you find the Big Five, as well as jackals, elands and baboons, just but to name a few.

The park has an large population of endangered black rhinos and the deep rivers that have long been providing a good spot for trout fishing.

Over 250 species of birds have made their home here which makes it interesting to watch.

Aberdare National Park location

150km east of Nairobi, Nyeri-Naro Moru road

Aberdare National Park contacts

+(254) 2 501 081

 10. Nyeri Old Clock Tower Nyeri

The tower was built in the year 1902 by one Brother Luigi Falder an Italian Consolata Missionary.

The tower is special in away that it gets powered by win and its time is presented in Roman numbers.

Having a copper bell at the center of the tower, it rings loud enough to be heard for several kilometers.

The ringing is used by the residents of Nyeri to coordinate and monitor activities around the towers area.

Nyeri Old Clock Tower location

Our Lady of Consolata Catholic Cathedral, Mathari, Nyeri


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Aberdare National Park

2. Fun places to visit in Nyeri

Chaka Ranch

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