Romantic places in Nakuru

Romantic places in Nakuru


Romantic places in Nakuru

In this blog, we shall explore the romantic places in Nakuru that bring out the love-filled destinations to visit. If you are looking for the best romantic places to visit Nakuru is the place to be. Let’s dive into the best romantic places in Nakuru.

Hyrax Hill

Are you looking for the best romantic places to visit in Nakuru? Hyrax Hill brings you the best love-filled destination. It is situated opposite Naka Estate.

Hyrax Hill provides a breathtaking view over Nakuru City.
It is the best since it’s not too crowded and it is a great area to spend time with your special someone. At Hyrax Peak, the rocky spur is approximately 1,900 meters above sea level. Louis Leaky found the site in 1926 while doing excavations.

Hyrax Hill is a picnic area, camping area, nature trail, and stunning views of Lake Nakuru that bring the area’s attractions. Hyrax Hill is located 4 kilometers from Nakuru town in the center of the Rift Valley.

Hyrax Hill location:
opposite Naka Estate.

Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru National Park is among the best romantic places in Nakuru for couples to visit during the holidays or during leisure time. The location provides the best atmospheric nature that brings out a romantic vibe.

The picturesque park is home to different species of animals that make the place a whole ecosystem.
Lake Nakuru offers different activities such as hiking, bird watching, game drives, and picnics together with your loved ones, friends, or family.

Lake Nakuru location:

Ziwa Bush Lodge

Ziwa Bush Lodge is an amazing hotel that has become one of the best hangout places in Nakuru. It has a welcoming atmospheric nature that makes it a must-visit destination.

The hotel offers clients with a personalized boutique experience with six double units and one family unit, all containing spacious en-suites. The rooms are decorated with hand-crafted cedar furniture and have a nice ambiance that makes it cozy.

Couples like Ziwa Bush Lodge because of its fantastic selection of continental dishes and Italian cuisine that makes it one of the best intimate hideaways. Ziwa Bush Lodge is around 45 km from Lake Eelementaita and is a 20-minute drive from Nakuru City.

Ziwa Bushlodge location:

Great Rift Valley Lodge

Great Rift Valley Lodge is one of the best romantic places to visit in Nakuru as a couple. It is located in the centre of Nakuru County, the Great Rift Valley Lodge has some of the best amenities on the planet.

It is one of the best cozy corners where one can enjoy activities such as picnics, dates, and hiking together with your lovely ones.

Great Rift Valley Lodge location:
Center of Nakuru county.

Sarova Lion Hill Game Lodge

Sarova Lion Hill Game Lodge is one of the best romantic places in Nakuru that is located along Lion Hill in Lake Nakuru in Kenya. Spending time at the hotel will allow you to enjoy Lake Nakuru’s extraordinary views and the wildlife of Lake Nakuru National Park.

Sarova Hill on the ground has an interior section such as a patio overlooking the pool, lodge grounds, and the lake.
The restaurant serves buffet breakfast, lunch, and dinner with live cooking counters preparing specialty dishes. Cuisine includes a continental buffet.

The salad buffet has a wide variety of salads using fresh ingredients and herbs from the Lodge’s own vegetable and herb garden.
The dessert buffet has a selection of mouth-watering desserts that make it one of the dreamy destinations where one can make memories with lovely ones.

Sarova Lion Hill Game Lodge location:
Along Lion Hill in Lake Nakuru.

Menengai Crater

Menengai Crater is among the top attractions in Nakuru. It is just 3 hours drive from Nairobi. It is a huge volcano that has one of the biggest calderas in the world. The notable 12×8 kilometer caldera formed about 8,000 years ago, and it formed about 200,000 years ago.

If you are looking for the best intimate hideaway Menegai Creator is the best place to experience it. Menegai is a great place for lovers to spend time together because of its stunning view.

For all those who love walking and hiking Menegai Crater has an amazing structure and the volcanic forces that led to the hole. If you are looking for the best place to visit during your holiday together with family you are assured of getting the best in the location.

Menegai crater phone:

Kivu Resort

Kivu Resort is one of the best romantic places in Nakuru, located around 4 miles from Westside Mall. It’s a hidden treasure in Nakuru that’s ideal for a Kenya safari romantic weekend escape with your special person or family.

The resort offers fantastic lodging, free parking, free bikes, a restaurant, and a fitness center. In addition, visitors have use of a garden, a communal lounge, and a bar. Kivu Resort features an outdoor pool where divers enjoy the cool atmospheric nature of the environment.

For those who want romantic moments together with your special person, Kivu Resort is the place. Kivu Resort ensures that your whole family is catered starting from children play playgrounds to the best romantic places where one can hold dates and picnics.

Kivu resort location:
Kivu resort phone:

Sirville Lake Elementaita Lodge

Sirville Lake Elemeintaita Lodge is one of the best romantic places in Nakuru where you can experience nightlife or a weekend getaway with your friends.

It is situated in Gilgil, the hotel is a short distance from Nakuru City. At Sirville Lake Elementaita Lodge, you can take a Kenya safari and experience the local animals.

Sirville Lake Elementaita Lodge phone:


1. What are some romantic places to visit in Nakuru?

One popular romantic spot in Nakuru is Lake Nakuru, renowned for its picturesque views, especially during sunset. Couples can enjoy a serene boat ride or a stroll along the shores, admiring the diverse birdlife and the occasional sighting of flamingos.

Another romantic destination is Menengai Crater, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the Great Rift Valley. Couples can hike to the crater’s rim and enjoy a picnic while taking in the stunning scenery.

2. What activities can couples enjoy in romantic places in Nakuru?

Couples visiting Lake Nakuru can engage in birdwatching, and photography sessions, or simply relax and enjoy the serene atmosphere. Sunset boat rides offer a romantic setting for couples to create lasting memories against the backdrop of the lake.

At Menengai Crater, adventurous couples can embark on a thrilling hike to the crater’s rim, followed by a picnic overlooking the vast expanse of the Rift Valley. The breathtaking views make it an ideal spot for couples seeking adventure and romance.

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