$1 million donated to Kenya by US for flood mitigation

$1 millionhas been donated to the government of Kenya from the United state in order to mitigate and respond to the damges hat floods and heavy rains have caused.

US Ambassador to Kenya, Meg Whitman, announced the contribution during a flagging-off ceremony on Tuesday. The funding will be utilized to provide emergency shelter assistance, relief commodities, and hygiene kits aimed at promoting safe and healthy practices amid the ongoing floods.

Whitman stated, “The United States is a committed partner to the Kenyan people, their government, and the Kenya Red Cross Society. Together, we are collaborating with county governments, donors, the UN, and NGOs to address the humanitarian needs of those Kenyan citizens most affected by these floods. Despite the challenges we face, our partnership remains steadfast.”

Of the total allocation, the US government has directed Sh38 million ($250,000) from the Sh150 million grant directly to the Kenya Red Cross. Additionally, the Kenya Red Cross received supplementary food and non-food items from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Whitman further explained, “The remaining $750,000 will be allocated to other partners involved in flood response efforts.”

On December 19, the National Disaster and Management Response Command Center reported six additional fatalities within the country over three days leading up to Tuesday, bringing the death toll to 174. This comes despite the overall stabilization of the flood situation in the country.

A statement from the National El-Nino Emergency and Disaster Response Command Centre on Tuesday disclosed that two of the fatalities were a mother and her child, victims of a landslide in Guruga Village in Kiambu County. Meanwhile, four other deaths occurred at a gold mine in Kurutyange Village, Migori County.

The Command Centre issued a stern warning against working in mines during the rainy season and urged strict adherence to alerts and guidelines to prevent further fatalities and injuries.

The center also reported heavy rains in Kitui County on Monday, leading to the displacement of 76 households, approximately 380 people. Additional camps have been established to accommodate those affected, bringing the total number of camps nationally to 170, housing 109,179 households, or roughly 545,895 people displaced thus far.

The Command Center has issued a warning regarding rising water levels in the Tana River, which surged from 3.4 meters to 4.8 meters over the weekend. Motorists are advised to exercise vigilance and adhere to subsequent alerts in light of potential flooding in the area


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