Burundi: President calls for stoning of LGBTQ couples amid of blessings from the pope

Burundi’s President Evariste Ndayishimiye recently issued a stun warning against marriage of the same sex, denouncing it as an “abominable practice” and advocating for the stoning of gay couples, citing religious reasons.

The President, known for his conservative Christian views, previously called for homosexuals to be “banished” and treated as outcasts. He criticized Western countries opposing LGBTQ+ rights and defiantly rejected aid from those advocating such practices, urging individuals embracing those beliefs to stay abroad.

This strong stance is in line with the conservative Christian values prevalent in the Great Lakes country, where same-sex relations are punishable by imprisonment.

This statement comes in reaction as the global discourse on LGBTQ+ rights has seen some notable developments, such as Pope Francis’ declaration on December 18th regarding the blessing of homosexual couples.

While this marks a symbolic shift in the Catholic Church’s stance, it’s essential to note that the Church maintains a clear distinction between homosexual and heterosexual marriages.

The Vatican’s doctrine of the “one true marriage” underscores its position that while marriage for all is tolerated, it is not yet fully accepted within the Catholic religion.

However, implementing such changes globally is a complex endeavor. Despite the Vatican’s guidance, the ability to enforce a shift in mentality and impose measures across all Catholic communities proves challenging.

Several African churches have already signaled their resistance to these advances.

For instance, the bishops of Cameroon explicitly rejected any change, stating, “We formally prohibit all blessings of homosexual couples.”

Similarly, Togo has expressed openness to individuals in same-sex relationships but encourages priests to refrain from blessing such couples.

Here in Kenya, according to Rev. Anyolo, the pastoral practices of the church regarding marriage and family are firmly rooted in the Gospel of Christ and the enduring traditions of the church. “ is for this reason that the church excludes those living in irregular situations of marriage from full sacramental participation in the life of the church, as they are invited to remedy their objectively sinful situation and are accompanied with pastoral care,” he added.

Rev. Anyolo underscored that such unions are strongly condemned by the sword of God, providing clarity in response to a recent Vatican document. The Vatican’s doctrinal office had seemingly reversed a declaration from 2021, stating that blessings for same-sex couples do not legitimize irregular situations but serve as a sign that God welcomes all.

This dynamic reflects the ongoing struggle within the Catholic Church to reconcile differing perspectives on LGBTQ+ issues, illustrating the tension between global doctrinal shifts and the autonomy of individual religious communities, particularly in conservative regions like Africa.

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