Deadly collision at Nakuru-Eldoret highway

One died while four other are receiving treatment due to serious injuries following head on collision between a trailer and a lorry on the Nakuru Eldoret highway. The accident happened near Twin area at Kuresoi North.

Kuresoi North area is termed by those who lives within it as black spot on account of a recent state of accident. Many accident have no in the same area and their is always someone losing life which have not been understood whether is the drivers who have problems with driving strategies or the road needs to be expanded to avoid confusion during driving process.

A witness said that the driver of the trailer is the one who appeared to lose control due to the ongoing heavy rains that confused him and smashed into an incoming lorry on the opposite side as he descended a hill. “I was among those people who witnessed the accident and I managed some people who were associated, several of whom had sustained  injuries and fractures which was serious,” a witness told inooro FM.

“We don’t know what to be done here because accidentshere have been occuring and is on the risk we appeal to drivers to drive slowly when descending the hill in order to avoid the day in day out accident that happens in the same area to save lives.”Traffic police officer from Mau summit arrived at the scene of the accident shortly after the accident happened and coordinatedthe clearing the wreckages of the two vehicles.

Driver’s should be cautioned on how to observe the safety measures of the roads because nowadays alot of accidents are happening due to reckless driving without caring who is inside the car and whether he or she have a soul to care for which always happens as a fatal death that remains in people’s mind as being heartless.

The people who were injured were rushed to the nearby facility at Molo sub county hospital and Nakuru and the others were rushed at Nakuru level five hospital while the body of the deceased was was taken to Molo sub county hospital mortuary.

This calls out all drives to drive slowly and observe all road sign and they should ensure that no driving when drunk to avoid accident that happens day in day out in older to keep someone soul safe from such death that are caused by the road accident that are reckless.


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