Dubai’s Museum of The future officially open

Dubai’s Museum of the future dubbed as the most beautiful building on the planet officially opened its doors on Tuesday,February,22,2022.

The building designed by local studio Killa Design, stands in a prominent location alongside Dubai’s elevated train line, a short distance from the Burj Khalifa skyscraper – the world’s tallest building.

During its inauguration Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid ,Vice President and Ruler of Dubai said the museum is a message of hope and global scientific platform.

“It is an integrated institutional frame work to shape a better future for all of us” he said.

Portraits of Sheikh Mohammed and the projects he has decreed including the Dubai Metro, the Hope probe and Burj Khalifa were also projected on to the building during the ceremony.

“The museum will be a forum for great minds ,scientists, thinkers and experts from around the world. “he added.

The museum will open its doors to the public on Wednesday, February 23,2022 and it will cost you Ksh 4,492 for entry fee.

Visitors to the museum will be transported to the distant future of the year 2071 through immersive exhibits. These exhibits will allow them to experience the imagined future of colonies on the moon and explore how climate change could impact the Earth; other exhibits will focus on how the health and wellness space could change in the future.

Three floors will address questions related to the future of humans, cities, societies, life on planet Earth and outer space through never-seen-before technology.

The first floor will be dedicated to children, aged 3 to 10, where they can get engaged, explore and solve challenges in their own inimitable way.

The second floor would be dedicated to exploring the nearer future where “tangible technologies” including drones and robots can be seen and experienced to address challenges in areas such as health, water, food, transportation and energy.

The 7th floor features a multi-use hall that accommodates more than 1,000 people, and its sections include a special hall for interactive lectures and workshops that can accommodate more than 345 people.

The 77-metre-high building is supported by a steel structure, developed with engineering studio Buro Happold, which was “digitally grown” using parametric tools.

Designed to be a architectural and cultural icon the museum consists of an elongated ring shape with a void at its center, sat on a grass-covered mound.


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