Evangelist Kanyari: The Search for love claimed Starlets life

Pastor Kanyari alleges that his sister, Starlet Wahu Mwangi, was murdered for failing to provide Sh500,000 to a suspected serial killer identified as John Matara.

The lifeless body of Starlet Wahu Mwangi was discovered in an Airbnb they had entered on the night of January 3.

During one of his sermons, Pastor Kanyari shared with the congregation that the alleged serial killer had lured Starlet as a seemingly good man who had fallen in love with her.

“When they went to the room to sleep, the man was a serial killer, and my sister did not know he was a killer. She saw him as a person who loves her,” Pastor Kanyari revealed.

Evangelist Kanyari added that Starlet, who was not married and was actively seeking a life partner, believed in the sincerity of the relationship and that why she decided to trust John Matara who is the suspect of her death.

At around 2 am,John Matara allegedly began threatening Starlet, demanding Sh500,000.

“When it reached at 2 am, my sister tried to call me but I did not peak the phone. By 3 am, the man started threatening her, asking for Sh500,000, “ Kanyari added.

He recounted the tragic events, stating that Starlet resisted, leading to a violent confrontation.
The assailant reportedly stabbed her in the neck and leg, locked the room, and fled with the keys. Despite Starlet’s efforts, she eventually succumbed to her injuries at the door.

Starlet wahu
A photo of younger sister of Evangelist Kanyari, Starlet wahu

“I told the family to bury her faster to avoid the media people. I never received fundraising.”

The CCTV footage captured the last moments of Starlet and the suspect, showcasing them checking into an apartment.

Investigations have revealed other victims filing cases against the alleged serial killer, detailing assaults, extortion, and attempts on their lives.

The authorities are intensifying efforts to address the emerging pattern of violence associated with online dating platforms.The suspect, John Matara, claims to be a graphic designer, and preliminary police findings suggest a potential serial killer targeting women through online platforms.

Starlet Wahu Mwangi was laid to rest at her parents’ home in Kamulu, Ruai, on Saturday, January 6.

“The DCI appeals to any victims and survivors of the suspect’s animosity, to formally report their ordeals at Regional Criminal Investigations Office in Nairobi or the nearest police station,” said an appeal released Sunday night.

The move comes after it emerged the suspect may have been a serial killer and was in blackmail and extortion business.
Police have since gotten court permission to hold them for 21 days as investigations go on.

According to police, the investigations currently point to a possible serial sexual offender who thrives on blackmail to his victims, and who may be part of a criminal ring that targets women on dating sites and other social media applications.

“As we commend those who have since taken the bold step of reporting their dreadful encounters with Matara and/or members of his suspected gang, we encourage more witnesses of such brutality and monstrous attacks to come out and record statements with our detectives,” said the DCI.

A postmortem examination of her body showed she was strangled and had a deep cut wound on her leg in the thigh which had cut her vein.

The autopsy said she had also lost a lot of blood leading to her death.


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