Heavy downpours claims 6, 2 KCPE candidates

Among the counties that have witnessed heavy downpours around the nation, Mandera is no exception. The downpours have claimed at least six people among them two KCPE candidates that sat for the just concluded exams and an 85 year old woman.

Hundreds were displaced following the rains that the Meteorological department warned of to be experienced this weekend.

Two schools and two health centers located in Mandera County were also drowned as the rains continued to be experienced.

Locals said Alu-Weys Primary School, Elwak Deb Primary School, Elwak Sub County Referral Hospital, and Adra Health Centre were all severely affected.

Ministry of Health of Mandera county issued an alert, warning that the Elwak sub-county, which experienced the holocaust is at risk of a waterborne diseases that emerge due to recreational or drinking water that is contaminated by disease-causing microbes or pathogens.

They are at risk of such diseases since all  latrines are filled up, the plots where the residents live are stagnant, streets and public areas as well.

“Mandera County, Elwak Subcounty, grapples with devastating floods, claiming lives and impacting over 5,000 households. Vital institutions, including schools and hospitals, face operational disruptions. Uncertainty surrounds livestock losses, complicating this crisis,” read a county government statement.

In parts Kisauni Mombasa county, the rains are still on high level and claiming lives where one woman was found dead after her house collapsed while she was in on a Thursday night. Two other victims were also reported dead in Meru and Kwale county respectively.

In Kwale County, a victim was swept away by flash floods as he tried to cross River Ngoni in Maweu, Samburu village.

In Meru County Igembe village, police reported that another person was swept away by the influx floods as he was heading home. Many more families from different parts of Meru County, were left homeless and without access to food.

River Athwana burst its banks, leading to massive floods that displaced hundreds of residents from their homes due to the heavy deluge.

Slums and informal settlements located in the Nairobi and Mombasa city were also affected by the rains forcing commuters and people with personal vehicles to alight and board boda bodas due to traffic. One inbound lane was recommended by the traffic police to be used by the vehicles to avoid the menace that comes with flooding of roads.

“This road was poorly built. We have cried time and again over flooding and poor drainage. The rains have exposed the contractor who should be penalized for poor workmanship,” said Dominic who is an engineer and was using the road.

Officials have warned that the flood victims number will continue to rise following heavy rains experienced on this weekend and several days to come, with Nairobi slums and highland areas to be affected more.


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