Kenyans support Sakaja’s idea of banning hawkers along the roads tho

Governor Johnson Sakaja called on a mission to ban hawking along the street and many people have come out supporting that hawkers along the street should be worked on.  This happened after he gave tough instructions to the city hawkers essentially pushing them out of town and stopping their daily operation along the roads many Kenyans took it differently but a group of people was not surprised and they supported the action taken in order to avoid congestion along the street.

During a meeting that happened on Wednesday, the country boss issued orders that there will be no more hawking that will be allowed to operate along the lanes connecting to Moi Avenue In Nairobi Central Business District from now henceforth. The boss proposed that the affected hawkers will be given priority to operate all along frith back lanes in order to search for their living.

A photo of the city Governor Johnson Sakaja. (Twitter)

“From Tom Mboya streets coming up to Moi Avenue, We will have no hawking and street business there that will be allowed because we have a plan on that road where we receive amount of billions from investors,” Johnson Sakaja said. ” I was in Paris and we are doing Transport rapid transit (BRT) where we are going to expand that road to be walkable without congestion because am not just taking care of your but also taking care of Kenyans who are walking along that road and those that have their own shops along the streets because you are also taskpayer.”

This happens at a time where Kenya is expected to host the united Kingdom’s King Charles III and the Queen Consort Camilla from October 31 until November 3rd,2023.

Twitter influencer Bravin Yuri was among the first to connect the hawking directives to the impending visit , said “King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla are visiting next week and it is a must when visitors are planning to visit to be treated in a welcoming environment that can be easily adaptable. The moment the visitors leave the country we can tell them,’ Hata Mimi nilisomeshwa na pesa ya Chapo na smoking and you can continue hawking.” “Eleweni Governor Johnson Sakaja. Hawezi waaambia hivo ni juu  ya wageni…”

Kenyans are now thinking that the city governor Johnson Sakaja was basically ‘Keeping his house in order ‘that is ahead of the high-level visit which is a common norm ni in African traditional households.

Sakaja’s proposal despite getting negative feedback a large number of people seemed roundly celebrating the thoughts of the city governor of banning hawkers which has become a daily business in the streets and that clearing up of pathways is an exercise whose time has already approached.

A use of Twitter which is popularly known as X stated,” Guys who are opposing on @ citygovernorJohnson Sakaja But I support this Idea because why do pedestrians forced to walion roads competition with matatus and bodabodas?  Hawkers have occupied all sidewalks in the entry of some areas. Time to tame them all without any favors.”

Nairobi hawkers have now become resilient in successive City Hall.



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