Kimilili Mp Didmus Barasa’s house raided by police officers over government vehicle theft.

Didmus Barasa’s house was on 24th May raided by police officers who had been denied access at first following a government vehicle which he had branded with United Democratic Alliance ( UDA) colors and was using it for his campaigns.

According to police officers he had removed GK registration plates GK948J and had affixed the registration plates KBS 709D.

According to Didmus, he purchased the vehicle and so he has all the right to use it as he pleases.

He went on to say that over 55 police officers raided his home and wanted to arrest him over the vehicle.

” Over 55 police officers came looking for me in my rural home because there is a vehicle that I was using which I bought as an Mp who has been elected and wo takes care of my people’s grievances,”. He stated.

Kimilili Mp went on to say that before they arrest him for using a government vehicle in his campaign, that they should first arrest ODM leader Raila Odinga who he claimed had over 20 government vehicles .

He said that he is ready whenever he is called for questioning saying he does not fear the police.He also critiqued the Jubilee government over what he termed as poor governance.

Kimilili Sub- County Police boss senior superintendent of police Mwita Maria tsgry stormed into the Mp’s homestead and towed the vehicle to Kimilili police station and later to Bungoma before taking it to Nairobi. He said it was against the law to use government vehicles for personal matters and campaigns.

The Mp who is in hiding is being sought to face charges of forgery and theft among other offences. According to the police the number plate on the vehicle belonged to a vehicle registered in his brothers name.



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