Linturi-Unga prices drop to 130 ksh

Mithika Linturi  Cabinet Secretary for Agriculture and Livestock Development  now says maize flour prizes in all major supermarkets in the country have dropped to a historic low of Sh130 down from over Sh235 last year.

Linturi made the revelation Friday when he conducted spot checks in outlets around Nairobi and Machakos counties.

In Nairobi the Agriculture CS visited supermarkets in Kawangware, Kibera and Utawala and Athi River in Machakos county.

“This morning (Friday), I visited commodities markets in various parts of Nairobi and its environs, including Kawangware, Kibera, Utawala, and Athi River in Machakos County to survey on the prizes of Unga, rice and sugar,” Linturi said.

He noted the new prices according t his visit to the few supermarkets and applauded farmers for their tireless efforts during this time of high cost of food prices.

“I’m happy to note that in all the major supermarkets, the unga prizes have reduced from a high of Ksh 235 last year to a low of upto Ksh 130 per 2kg packet. I commend our farmers for their efforts in the farms to feed our great nation.” he added.

The Agriculture CS reiterated that President William Ruto’s administration is working tirelessly to bring down the cost of food.

“The Government of H.E. President  @WilliamsRuto will work tirelessly to bring down the cost of food,” Linturi posted on X.

The CS said Kenyans would this year celebrate Christmas affordably with the cost of their popular staple coming down drastically across the country due to enhanced yields from the farms.

“The government’s interventions that target to subsidize production are paying off gradually and we expect the prices of Unga to come down further in the coming weeks as we head towards Christmas,” the CS said at Kawangware on Friday.

Linturi’s claims come at a time when Kenyans have continued to decry the high cost of essential commodities in the country.

Kenyans on Twitter did not seize to comment on the post saying that prices of other commodities were still far high to be afforded by the common citizens.

“Bwana waziri, subsidizing production of maize and other cereals through fertilizer is good. But there are other aspects within the food chain that doesn’t need fertilizers. E.G livestock feeds & treatment. Look into that too. But most importantly fuel and electricity,” @barsitei_boit expressed.

Many were of the opinion that the CS was wasting time and public money travelling to announe prices that Kenyans would obviously notice as time goes by.

@KavinyaEvelyne on X: ”with all due respect you are wasting time and public resources kenyans know the price of unga and it’s not what you are quoting . when it drops kenyans will know too…”

The biggest concern is that despite the promise by the President Ruto administration to lower the cost of living, prices of basic commodities remain high.

The price of fuel that determines prices of the rest of commodities is still a concern to Kenyans


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