Man faking heart attack in Spain to avoid paying bills.

An old photo of Altea town in Alicante, Spain (picture by Nano Calvo)

A man who is 50  years old from Lithuania has been recently arrested in Spain allegedly for faking heart attack at several restaurant in order to avoid paying the bills which is reported by multiple local news reports.

The Spanish newspaper “El Pais” have reported that the man is identified as Aidas in a particular targeted restaurant in the city of Alicante.

The man has been known locally as the gastrojeta because he have tried to scam more than 20 times for over the past years in different restaurant in the city of Alicante.

Recently the man ordered a sea food paella and two whiskey at the EL Buen Comer restaurant at Alicante rate September and had a bill of 34.85 euros which is approximately 5,240 Kenya shilling, newspaper reported.

After finishing the meal the man tried to make an exit without paying where he was confronted by the staff and he claimed that he was going to pick the amount from his hotel room so that he can be able to clear his bills but the hotel operators were having none of what he said since they had no anything like that mentioned. This is according to the EFE.

According to EFE,citing EL Buen Comer manager Moisés Boménéch.The scammer became visible upset and he insisted that he was going to take the money but staff refused to allow him leave without paying group and this is where he pretended to have a heart attack.He started his dramatic fashion and fall to the ground floor and clinch to the chest.

The restaurant manager Moisés told the the U.S. Sup that it was very theatrical because the man sumped himself down on the floor compared to an emergency that seems very serious.

The staff did not fall into the scammer trap by being fooled and instead of calling an ambulance to rush him to the hospital they called the police.The police recognized the man.

EL Pais reported that the restaurateurs said that the man did not know how to communicate usi Spanish language as well as he did not understand the language well.

The scammers image had been reportedly shared among many restaurants in order to try out a mean of stopping him from striking again since he had done it in different restaurant but in the same city which required high signals in order to ensure that scamming will end.

The (ANP) Alicante National Police did not respond immediately to comment because the man was very familiar and he was arrested multiple times with the same case from different restaurant but in the same city of Alicante.

The police spokesperson added that they were aware of the man because he had been reportedly shared and we were aware of the man being sent to prison die to his strange behavior.

The scammer who is identified as Aidas J has been jailed for 42 days after refusing to pay the fines imposed on him for his descentive actions,but the owners of the restaurant ar not satisfied because they want him sentenced but not imprisoned.


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