MP Sabina Chege says she is the party whip in Parliament

Fighting for the soul of Jubilee Party intensified as nominated MP Sabina Chege said she is the party whip in Parliament.

This happens even as the Jubilee Secretary-General Jeremiah Kioni insisted that they do not recognise Sabina’s position in the jubilee party.

Sabina Chege informed stardard that she was the Jubilee Party Whip in the National Assembly following a communication made by S the speaker  Moses Wetangula.

Nominated MP wondered how the ODM party leadership could purportedly to dictate to the Jubilee party leadership how to conduct its affairs.

Sabina said Azimio is not being recognised as a parliamentary party and its leadership may be afraid that its affiliates might seek to be independent.

Kioni, on his part, said that Sabina had occupied the Azimio coalition Deputy Minority Whip position for long, terming her current position has non-existent.

Jeremiah Kioni said that Sabina had been illegally allocated an office, security, government vehicle and staff due to the new ‘position’.

The former Ndaragwa Member Of parliament said if Wetang’ula had allocated Chege some perks and other privileges commensurate to her new status, the two of them should be surcharged for wastage of public funds.

The nominated mp Sabina Chege said Jubilee is an independent parliamentary party, which no longer belongs to the Azimio coalition after their 90-day request to leave was not responded to.

The Member of parliament said she has the support of 26 MPs elected on the party ticket and that she does not see the need for Azimio coalition leadership to intimidate her. Sabina said she sacrificed a lot during campaigns to have Azimio coalition take over government unsuccessfully.

“You remember very well that some of the people who are fighting us had labelled Jubilee party as being dead. We are working very hard to revive the party. I was called names during campaigns and persevered a lot. The least I expect is mistreatment by the people that I supported,” said Sabina


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