Ndindi Nyoro challenges Azimio members to back off Bipartisan talks

The chairman of the parliamentary budget committee who is also the member of parliament of Kiharu constituency, honorable Ndindi Nyoro, has dared members of Azimio la Umoja one Kenya Alliance to back down from the bipartisan talks following threats that he terms as empty.

Addressing mourners who had attended a the burial at Kieni in Nyeri county, on Monday 23rd, the Member of Parliament f mentioned that the members of Azimio were using that opportunity for selfish gains since they were only discussing matters pertaining the last years general elections  instead of the sole matters that made the talks to be pioneered.

“Yesterday we saw the leader of opposition in Kitengela purporting to give threats that they are going to walk out of the ongoing talks. We want to tell them that it is even a favor that we are engaging in those talks, the people of Kenya have no time for those talks, they want all the leaders to do their job,” Nyoro said

This comes when the Azimio la Umoja members that represent the party issued a statement that they were going to back down if their woes will not be heard. Some of the woes tabled include, cost of living, audit of 2022 presidential elections results, restructuring and reconstitution of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) and related matters, measures to prevent interference with political parties,

The main thing that the opposition representatives are mainly pushing for according to the Kiharu member of parliament is the audit of last years election. He remarks that kenya kwanza does not need any audit since they were elected in office constitutionally and that they should be given time to serve the people and deliver promises that they made to Kenyans.

He went on to defend the party that he was chosen on and said that very soon fruits of the Kenya Kwanza’s efforts will be experienced even as the economy keeps rocketing daily and the opposition is using that against them.

“When we took over we found a dilapidated economy with huge debts so what we have managed to do so far at the moment is stabilization of the economy through subsiding production. Eventually, we will be on top and the cost of living will go down,” he said.

On the other hand, the talks have already began and some of the 13 wishes of the opposition that were tabled by their representatives have been addressed.

The team that is led the by the former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka the National Assembly Majority Leader Kimani Ichung’wah have so far been able to address the issue of creating an office for the opposition leader, reconstruction of the Independent and Electoral Board Commission and including the position of the prime cabinet secretary into the constitution.

Bipartisan talks is a historical pattern that highlights the significance of cross-party discussions in steering Kenya’s political landscape towards stability and progress. Over the years it has been used to cool down protests and bring political parties to work together for the benefits of Kenyans.


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