Omtatah claims his life is in danger on Tito’s sword remarks

Police Officers in Nyanchwa police station in Kisii County on Tuesday morning turned away Busia Senator Okiya Omtatah from filing death threats claims against President William Ruto.Police in the station refused to record his statement after he said he was complaining against Ruto over his remarks he made on December 16 at Cardinal Otunga Mosocho.

Omtatah said he was frustrated by the police behavior and vowed to sue the area commander for failing to offer him government services.

“The OCPD has ordered his juniors not to take my statement. The president threatened my life and others over the remarks he made and we need to take action.”
Omtatah said he is one of the leading litigants in the country.

He said he goes to court to challenge bad laws and illegal orders by various government agencies and hence the remarks by Ruto directly touch on him.
Area OCPD Kazungu Charo did not respond to our calls.This came a day after the Law Society of Kenya Monday criticized and termed Ruto’s remarks which it deemed a threat to the judiciary.

This is in connection with Ruto’s remarks suggesting the use of the ceremonial sword to handle those opposing the Housing Levy through the courts, as aggressive and reckless.

President William Ruto, during a thanksgiving mass in Kisii County on Saturday, December 16, stated that the ceremonial sword given to him by his predecessor Uhuru Kenyatta, marked the transfer of power and authority to deal with hardliners.“You know I was given a sword. Do you think it’s for cutting vegetables? It’s for dealing with all these crooks here. I will uproot them completely, and Kenya will move forward,” the Head of State said.
The remark has since attracted uproar.

LSK President Eric Theuri labeled Ruto’s remarks as a veiled threat to the judiciary and litigants challenging government decisions, including the Housing Levy.

“As a society, we wish to condemn the utterances by the Head of State that he was given a sword upon inauguration and he will use that sword on people he considers to be enemies of the Republic of Kenya.”

“This is by virtue of them exercising their right to go to Court and challenge Government decisions, including those that have gone to Court to challenge the Housing Levy,” he said


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