From petty thief to Mega fraudster: Isaiah Aluodo the main suspect in USD 439 trillion arrested

The mastermind behind the multi-trillion dollar fraud, involving eight other accused individuals, has been apprehended by the Operations Support detectives after being located in his hideout in Gigiri, Nairobi.

Isaiah Aluodo Belek, suspected to be the author of communications with the complainants, now joins his eight accomplices who were presented in court at Milimani Law Courts yesterday.

Detectives from the Operations Support Unit of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) have successfully apprehended eight suspects involved in a colossal USD 439 trillion mega fraud scheme targeting two foreign businessmen from the Netherlands.

The arrests were made during an ongoing operation conducted at a warehouse situated in Nairobi.Nairobi, the pulsating capital of Kenya, is home to the hidden realm of fraud, which flourishes amid the mayhem of the city.

Fraudsters in large cities like Nairobi have a sophisticated and flexible method of operation, taking advantage of the intricacies of urban life to carry out their illegal activities.

Identity theft is a common tactic used by scammers to get personal information. Examples of these methods include phishing emails, social engineering, and dumpster diving.

Once the fraudsters get these details, they can use them to alter financial transactions, open false accounts, or carry out other illegal actions using the victim’s name.

Cybercrime has increased as a result of technology, and fraudsters have a large playground in Nairobi’s tech-savvy community. Hacking techniques, phishing schemes, and online frauds are used to compromise financial information and sensitive data. Because of the anonymity provided by the digital sphere, it is difficult for law enforcement to find and capture these offenders.

“Charges of conspiracy to defraud, being in possession of forged bank notes and possessing police uniforms were preferred against the accused, who pleaded not guilty and sought to be released on bond. The prosecution objected and the determination will be made on Nov 21. Meanwhile, Isaiah Aluodo remains in police custody being processed for arraignment Monday. His Mercedes Benz which is believed to be a proceed of fraud has also been detained,” reads part of DCI’s X post.

Isiah Aluodo Belek on 2018,was among the four suspects believed to be part of a theft syndicate that stole laptops from people attending meetings hosted in hotels within Nairobi.

Confirming the arrests, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) said 15 laptops were recovered from the suspects who were arrested on a Saturday afternoon the year 2018.

“Four suspects were arrested by DCI detectives for the offence of stealing laptops from unsuspecting people who attend meetings. Fifteen laptops were recovered from the suspects,” said the DCI in a statement.

The DCI appealed to all those who lost their laptops while in a meeting or conference in a Nairobi hotel to visit the Kilimani Police Station with proof of ownership.

According to police, the suspects masquerade as attendants of meetings and conferences before stealing laptops and other valuable electronics.

The four who were arrested on Saturday were identified as Isaiah Aluodo Belek, 33, Amisi Erick Joseph, 39, George Mwangi Maina, 30, and Kevin Njagi Kariuki 22.

Isaiah Aluodo Belek in 2018 while he was arrested for laptop theft (X)

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