Ugandan woman robbed off a kidney mysteriously in Saudi Arabia.

Thirty-eight-year-old Judith Nakintu Ugandan had been employed by the Nile treasury gate company based in Uganda and was posted in Saudi.

Judith left for Saudi Arabia in 2019 like any other soul to look for greener pastures to support his children not knowing this journey she was embarking would be life changing in a negative way.

The mother of five after later lost contact with her family members after leaving and soon after on March 17th 2020 they were informed that she had been involved in an accident they asked her boss who had informed them to send pictures of her but he blocked them.

Nakintu recalled that on a normal day like any other she was accompanied by her boss who’s been identified as Saad Dhafer Mohammed to the hospital and was told she was being taken to take a COVID 19 vaccination.

According to NTV Uganda Judith lost her conscious soon after arrival at the hospital. She does not know how and when she had her right kidney removed as when she woke up her employer lied to her that she had been involved in an accident.

BBC reports that shock hit her family members when judith returned home after losing touch with them in a wheelchair and paralyzed and couldn’t even speak. The family was devastated due to her state and her mother decided to take her to the hospital.

After examination doctors who attended to her discovered that her right kidney had been removed. This came as a very big shock to the family and more so to Nakintu as she had undergone through a mysterious surgery unknown to her.

Nakintu lost her kidney in questionable circumstances while at King Fahad hospital in Saudi and she only recalls noticing strange scars in her body after regaining consciousness which she could not quite explain.

Police and immigration officers are trying to establish the exact occurrence of the event and the parties involved. Mohammed was also convicted and an amount stated which he’d give the plaintiff.

The Saudi court however awarded Ush 270 million to the domestic worker. As investigations go on it is also a question as to whether black market for organ trafficking still exists and if there are other incidents related to this that go unreported




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