Vera Sidika Net Worth

Vera Sidika Networth

Vera Sidika Net Worth

Latest reports reveal that Vera Sidika Net worth is about $5 million and this ranks her among the Top 10 Richest Socialites in Kenya. This article explores into Vera Sidika Biography, Vera Sidika cars collection, her assets, Vera Sidika Sources of wealth, and where she stands as of 2024.

Vera Sidika Biography

Vera was born in Mombasa, Kenya on 30th September 1989 as Vera Sidika Mung’asia. She is the first born of 3 siblings whom she doesn’t reveal online.

Vera Sidika completed her elementary, middle, and high school education at top primary and secondary schools in Mombasa.

She studied at Kenyatta University, Nairobi for her higher education.

Though she was born into a middle-class family, Vera aspired to be in the media industry from a young age. She always told herself that she was a shining star, who was meant for great things.

Vera Sidika who is filthy rich, her lavish lifestyle speaks volumes of the wealth she has accumulated since 2012 when richness became part of her name as she says.

The bootyful socialite shot to fame in 2012 when she was featured as the main video vixen in P-Unit’s single ‘You Guy’ music video.

In 2014, stories emerged that she had bleached herself and done plastic surgery on her body.

She responded these by saying that the bleaching cost her KES 15 million shillings and that she did that to her body terming it as ”business and money maker”.

Vera Sidika Awards

In 2023 she won the Celebrity Sensation award which offcourse came alongside cash flow.

In 2015, she also won The Video Vixen Of the year which she was granted by the Pulse.

Vera Sidika Net worth

Vera Sidika’s net worth stands at approximately $2.5 million.

All these has been accumulated from the businesses she owns, property, land and being a socialite.

Vera Sidika’s wealth includes German cars, land in Kilifi and various properties in Nairobi.

Vera Sidika’s sources of wealth

There are numerous sources from which Vera Sidika mines her wealth from. These sources include;

1. Club appearances

One way she mints money is through clubs where she is paid from Sh300,000 to make an appearance.

“I charge differently depending with where it is, for instance in Kenya I don’t take less than KES 300,000. I charge KES 600,000 for abroad, say Malaysia or the US,” she revealed.

2. Poultry Farming

Vera revealed that she rears chicken, both broilers and layers.

After the chicken are mature enough, she distributes to various hotels in the country which she has signed contracts with.

3. Beauty parlour

Vera relocated her Westlands Beauty parlour (salon and spa) to Nyali, Mombasa.

The business is now located at a posh maisonette on 3rd Avenue, Nyali, behind City Mall.

From here she distributes beauty products to beauty shops at a whole sale and retail and also offers spa services.

This scoops close to half a million in a month which makes her even more richer.

4. Vera’s Veetox

In 2017, she launched her detoxifier which contains 28 tea bags. This detox is meant to reduce tummy’s flats hence women buy it mostly.

Veetox is bought at KES 3,000 per can and according to her, the product brings her more profits.

5. Social Media Channels

From her numerous following on social media, she is ranked among Most Followed socialite in Kenya. She is mostly viral on her Instagram page which has 2.5 million engaging followers.

This is the most paying channel that she relies on having an engagement percentage of 1.65 percent.

The other channels, that is, FB and X (formerly twitter) have 1.2 million followers and 8.9k respectively.

6. Brand Sponsorships and TV hosting

She once hosted the famous Mr. Right Show and other private shows she’s called to.

She has also made appearances on brands that she has endorsed. Beauty products and hotels are the most endorsed products and services by Vera.

Expensive Items that Vera Sidika Owns

Below is a list of the few known items that Sidika owns;

1. Hair Weave

Vera Sidika sent the internet into a frenzy in October 2013 when she stepped out wearing a weave that she said cost her KES 450,000.

The socialite claimed that her weaves were not Brazilian, Indian or Peruvian which is why they were so pricey.

2. Posh bags

Vera Sidika bought a designer Chanel bag that cost her a whopping Ksh600,000.

The socialite acquired the expensive bag in 2017 when she went on a shopping spree in London, United Kingdom.

She also has a Louis Vuitton bag too that she brags about.

3. Gucci Belt

She bought the belt at KES 200,000

After being trolled for wearing the belt for long, she went online and said that since it is an expensive belt, She would put it on until Jesus comes back.

4. Sleeping Bed

Vera posted a luxury bed on her Instagram page which she said she bought for $11,500.

5. Baby bed

As her daughter turned six months old, Vera Sidika imported a bed from UK for her which she called a “nursery”.

The socialite revealed that the cost of the bed was KES 300,000

Vera Sidika Cars Collection

Vera Sidika Cars collection is full of German machines that she boasts off allover internet. Below is the collection;

1. Range Rover Sport

It is a 2015 model that costs KES 1.9 million.

2. Roll Royce

It costs KES 45 million to own the car. Though it’s not clear whether she had the German machine for clout and for photos but it looks good on her.

3. Range Rover Vogue

This sports car costs KES 15 million when its imported.

This she bought days after an exquisite show biz in China.


In conclusion, it is quite clear that riches are not made overnight as its seen by Vera Sidika.

Coming from a humble background, she has earned herself all the filthy richness that she boastfully talks off.

She is a true definition of hard work and determination pays and we hope to see rich the sky!


1.Vera Sidika Sources of wealth?

Vera sidika sources of wealth mainly come from;

  • Beauty parlor
  • Veetox
  • Club appearances
  • Social media channels

2. How much is Vera Sidika’s net worth?

Vera Sidika has an estimated net worth of $5 million in 2023.

3. Vera Sidika Cars collection

She owns the Range Rover sport, Range Rover Vogue and a Rolls Royce.

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