William Ruto Net worth

William Ruto Net worth

William Ruto Net worth

William Ruto biography

William Samoei Ruto was born in Sambut village in Kamagut to Daniel and Sarah Cheruiyot. He was raised in a religious family, and he has been a member of the African Inland Church. Ruto attended Kerotet Primary School and then Wareng Secondary School before proceeding to Kapsabet High School.

He enrolled at the University of Nairobi, whence he graduated with a B.S. in botany and zoology (1990). He would later resume his education at the same institution, earning both an M.S. (2011) and a Ph.D (2018) in plant ecology.

Ruto married Rachel Chebet in 1991, and they have six children together. He also has a daughter with Prisca Chemutai Bett.

William Ruto has often described the poverty of his youth, recalling how he went barefoot for many years and sold peanuts and chickens on the side of the road to make money. As an adult, he managed to amass a considerable amount of wealth from his many business ventures.

Understanding William Ruto political journey

William Samoei Ruto rose from humble beginnings to become one of the most influential politicians in Kenya. He ventured into politics in the early 1990s and has since held several positions, including Member of Parliament, Minister, Deputy President, and currently, the leader of the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party.

Political Career and Influence

Ruto’s political journey has been marked by strategic alliances and significant controversies. He has been a central figure in Kenyan politics since the early 2000s, aligning himself with various political entities and movements.

His ascent to the position of Deputy President under President Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration solidified his political stature, giving him substantial influence over the country’s affairs.

Business Ventures

William Ruto’s wealth is often attributed to his involvement in various business ventures. Over the years, he has invested in real estate, agriculture, hospitality, and the energy sector. His business interests range from large-scale farming to hotel ownership, positioning him as a key player in Kenya’s economic landscape.

One of his notable ventures includes the Weston Hotel, located in Nairobi. The hotel, surrounded by controversy regarding its ownership and acquisition of public land, has become a symbol of Ruto’s business acumen and political influence.

Despite facing scrutiny and legal challenges, Ruto’s ownership stake in the hotel underscores his financial capabilities and investment prowess.

The Kenyan government and various anti-corruption agencies have investigated several cases involving Ruto and his associates. However, he has consistently denied any wrongdoing, attributing the accusations to political witch hunts and character assassination attempts by his rivals.

William Ruto Net worth

Dr. William Ruto is the current President of the Republic of Kenya since his announcement after the 2022 general elections. Certainly, William Samoei Ruto is among the top 20 richest people in Kenya in 2024. William Ruto net worth is  of over Kes 45 billion.

Many individuals have been asking about President William Ruto Net worth and the properties owned by William. Below are the riches, properties, and companies owned by William Samoei Ruto up to 2024.

1.Sentrim 680 Hotel

Setntrim 680 Hotel is estimated at Kes 3.1 billion. It’s located in the center of Nairobi, a 5-minute walk from Kenyatta International Conference Center.

2.Weston Hotel

The Weston Hotel is a five-star hotel located in Nairobi, Kenya. The hotel is owned by William Ruto and his family through their company, Weston Hotel Limited.

The hotel has 120 rooms, conference facilities, a restaurant, a bar, and a swimming pool. that’s estimated to be worth Kes 2.6 billion. It is situated opposite the Wilson Airport in Nairobi City, Kenya.

3.Orterter Enterprises Limited

Orterter Enterprises Limited  is one of  the valid company that gives  Kes 2.5 billion.

4.Uasin Gishu Homestead

Uasin Gishu Homestead has an airstrip and a man-made lake in the compound valued at Kes 1.3 billion.

5.The Oseng Properties

Oseng Properties is a real estate company owned by William Ruto. It is valued 1 billion.

6.Amaco Insurance

This is where he is the topmost shareholder, with approximately 1 billion Kenyan Shillings.

7. Poultry Business Hub

Poultry business hub is located at his Turbo home, Uasin Gishu county valued at Kes 830 million.

8.Mediamax Networks and K24 TV station

9.Rongai Flats

William Ruto owns Osere flats in Rongai valued at Kes 500 million.

11. Karen Home

William Ruto home located in Karen is estimated to be worth Kes 500 million. And finally,
William Ruto also owns 5 choppers worth Kes 1.3 billion.

12.Kenya Co-operative Creameries (KCC)

Kenya Co-operative Creameries (KCC) is a dairy processing company in Kenya. William Ruto has been involved in the management of the company, which is partially owned by the government of Kenya.

13.Mashambani Farm

Mashambani Farm is a large-scale farming operation owned by William Ruto. The farm is located in Uasin Gishu County and produces various crops, including maize, wheat, and dairy products.

14.Dolphin Hotel in Mombasa

William Ruto owns Dolphin Hotel near the Indian Ocean in Mombasa that’s estimated to be 600 million.

Various estimates place Ruto’s net worth in the range of hundreds of millions to billions of Kenyan shillings. However, these figures are largely speculative and lack concrete evidence to support them. Ruto himself has downplayed discussions about his wealth, emphasizing his commitment to public service and development initiatives.

Influence and Political Ambitions

Beyond his wealth, William Ruto’s political ambitions remain a subject of intense speculation. As the 2022 general elections in Kenya approached, Ruto emerged as a frontrunner in the presidential race, vowing to challenge the status quo and champion the interests of ordinary Kenyans.

His ability to mobilize grassroots support and galvanize his political base has solidified his position as a formidable contender for the highest office in the land. However, his detractors continue to question his suitability for the presidency, citing concerns about his integrity and leadership style.

William Ruto’s net worth is a topic that continues to intrigue and fascinate observers of Kenyan politics. While his rise from humble beginnings to political prominence is commendable, questions persist about the sources and extent of his wealth.

As Ruto navigates the complexities of Kenyan politics and pursues his presidential ambitions, scrutiny over his financial affairs is likely to intensify. Whether he can overcome the controversies and allegations that have dogged his career remains to be seen.

The true measure of William Ruto’s legacy will not solely be defined by his wealth or political achievements but by his contributions to the advancement of Kenya and the welfare of its citizens. As the country’s political landscape evolves, so too will the narrative surrounding William Ruto and his place in Kenya’s history.


1.What is William Ruto’s net worth?

William Ruto net worth is  of over Kes 45 billion.

2.How did William Ruto accumulate his wealth?

William Ruto’s wealth primarily stems from his involvement in politics, business, and real estate. As a prominent political figure in Kenya, he has held various government positions, including Deputy President. He has investments in various sectors, including agriculture, hospitality, and media.

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